Royal Shelving System

Customisable, Modern & Stunning Storage System

One of the world’s first wall-mounted furniture systems; Modular and space saving; Made with solid wood


Designed in 1948, the Royal Shelving System was a pioneer of its time and has since become one of the most recognized and respected successes in the world of Danish Design. Poul Cadovius saw that most traditional furniture took up much valuable floor space and introduced a wall-mounted shelving concept that enabled more floor space to be used for movement or other purposes.


With plenty of components such as cabinets, sliding doors, drawers and even desks, one can customise the rustic and charming Royal Shelving System to their own specific needs – for both work and storage.


If you love the Royal Shelving System, you just might want to check out Poul Cadovius’ other design endeavours – System Cado and the exquisite Cadovius Butterfly Shelf.



Dk3 is a Danish furniture company who celebrates traditional Nordic wood craftsmanship. All products purchased from dk3 come with a 6 months right of claim.

Wall rail W 3.4cm x D 1.9cm x H 70/100/200cm
Shelf W 80cm x D 24/30cm x H 1.9cm
Magazine shelf W 80cm x D 31cm x H 1.9cm
Desktop shelf W 80cm x D 60cm x H 1.9cm
Table W 80cm x D 125/175cm x H 72/109 cm
Cabinet (2 doors/2 sliding doors/3 drawers/writing or bar flap) W 80cm x D 38cm x H 42.4cm


*Workstation only available with cabinet w/ writing/bar flap


Frame – Oak, Black Lacquered Oak, Smoked Oak, Walnut (Oil or Soap surface treatment)
Hangers – Raw Brass or Stainless Steel
Sliding Doors – Wood or Laminate



The late iconic Danish designer Poul Cadovius was a well known giant in the history of Danish furniture design. He’s most known for his Shelving systems that integrate various materials such as fibreglass and wood.



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