Poul Cadovius

Poul Cadovius

DENMARK (1911-2011)


Frederiksberg born designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius only became interested in industrial design after a short career as a saddler and upholster. He established a furniture manufacturing company in 1945 and begun forming an idea that grew to become the revolutionary modular shelving system many know as the Royal System for dk3 today. His design revolutionized the traditional shelving system that followed conformity with its space saving and modular concept. The 1948-launched Royal System went on to receive multiple medals for design and remained as a hallmark of modern design throughout the 1950s and ’60s.


Cadovius had over 400 design patents during his career and his minimalist designs, which melted form and function, remain as a key source of inspiration for generations of Danish furniture designers – present, past and future.

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