String System

Customisable, Modern & Stunning Storage System

Modular Shelving System; Customisable with many components


Design your own String with our String System Configurator.


The String System came about from a competition in 1949 when husband and wife Nisse and Kajsa Strinning set out to design a shelving system that was affordable, easy to ship, easy to assemble and easy to install. This elegant yet minimalist shelving system can be customised in many ways and include components to help you integrate shelves, work desks, cabinets, display cupboards, drawers into your storage solutions.


All String products are easily customisable and minimalist in design. If you love the String System, do also check out the beautiful String Plex and the quick all-in-one String Pocket.



String started when Nils and Kajsa Strinning designed the String shelving system in 1949 for a furniture design competition. String is all about being classic, timeless, Scandinavian-inspired and functional.


Storage Solutions for your Home and Office Space

Shelving systems can be great storage solutions to make room for more space or display your personal items for that extra touch of personality. We’ve got a great range of Shelves & Bookcases here. Keeping your space organised and neat need not be a difficult task. Check out our full collection of Storage furniture, the perfect solutions that can help.

Dimensions are dependent on modules chosen. Please customise your own string system!



The late Nisse Strinning was an iconic Swedish architect and designer best known for the String Shelving system he designed with his wife, designer Kajsa Strinning.