Hifive Storage

A Fusion of Design, Practicality & Luxury

Can be Wall-Mounted Or be a Standalone Piece; Flexible Compartments


The Hifive Storage will solve the problems you didn’t know you have. Design and display come together in this fetching design, which comes in a wide myriad of flexible arrangements. This enables it to accommodate to a wide variety of lifestyles, including yours. As all of the joints are concealed, the Hifive Storage blends in well with its surroundings. Unobtrusive and elegant, it is the ideal sideboard for the modern interior setting we all know and love.



Northern’s constant success in the designer lighting market has prompted them to expand into the designer furniture market as well. Similar to their lighting designs, Northern’s pioneer batch of designer furniture is full of innovative design solutions and exquisite aesthetics.



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Danish Design Co does the work of seeking out exquisite design solutions for you and this applies to its storage solutions as well. Discover what else we have to offer in our Sideboard Collection or better yet, our entire Storage Collection.




Hifive Storage Sideboard (Wallmounted) Infosheet

Specifications for Hifive Storage (Standing Version) TBE. Please send in an enquiry to learn more!



Since his graduation from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Rudi Wolff has contributed many great designs to the furniture world. His works are characterized by sleek lines, simplicity and most importantly, efficiency.