Loud Cabinet

A Fusion of Design, Practicality & Luxury

Metal Castors; Unique Mirror Effect


The Loud Cabinet is, intriguingly, anything but loud. It boasts a minimalistic appearance that can blend into its surroundings or stand out when the situation calls for it. Full of smooth contours and polished surfaces, the Loud Cabinet boasts a contrast of materials that serves to excite the homeowner. It also adds a sense of understated luxury, an element that is highly sought after as the Singapore society becomes increasingly sophisticated by the year.



Northern, primarily a lighting manufacturer, is currently embarking into the unknown with their first batch of designer furniture. Despite their inexperience, it is clear as day that their furniture designs are, in a word, stunning. Take home a piece of history today with Northern’s exquisite furniture designs!


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Färg & Blanche are a design duo whose works are well known for their quirkiness. This is a result of their constant experimentation with design, which has propelled them into furniture designer stardom.


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