Luxe Dining Room Furniture

Our Collection of Luxe Dining Room Furniture

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Luxe theme? Here are some luxurious dining room furniture to get you started!


Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $2,138.00

Designed by Komplot Design for Gubi

FROM $2,482.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $2,603.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $2,724.00

Designed by Gubi Design Team for Gubi

FROM $3,869.00

Designed by Komplot Design for Gubi

FROM $6,406.00

Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

FROM $7,820.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $7,822.00

Designed by Jacob Plejdrup for DK3

What is a Luxe Dining Room?

Like Luxe Living Rooms, there are many ways to achieve the luxe look for your dining room as well! Some common sights for dining rooms include large crystal chandeliers, upholstered dining chairs and dining tables made out of transparent glass. However, there are also more rustic examples that include solid wood dining tables.


One mistake homeowners usually make when trying to create their own luxe dining room is to go overboard with the embellishments. While these designs do appear luxurious on their own, having too much in one space can overload the visual senses, causing the room to look ‘overloaded’. Instead, we recommend selecting a simple palette first. Then, elevate the interior by including a few statement pieces. For the dining room, that would usually mean the dining table.


Recommended Designs For a Luxe Dining Room

The size of your dining table depend on a few factors – the size and shape of your dining room and how many people you would like to seat in an everyday and party setting. From there, you would then be able to narrow down the ideal luxe dining table for your home. For homes with space constraints (a common sight in Singapore), we would recommend the Gubi 2.0. Dining Table. It is a circular design that comes in various sizes and materials, such as glass and marble. For larger homes, we would recommend the Moon Dining Table by Gubi. Both of the aforementioned designs pair incredibly well with Gamfratesi’s famous Beetle dining chairs.


To complete the look, we would recommend hanging Multi-Lite Pendant Lamps over the dining area. The model in complete brass will add functionality and style. By tilting the lampshades in a cluster of three pendants, you can achieve a symmetrical look in a variety of ways.


Don’t just dine luxury, live luxury! Explore our Luxe Collection to view other room furnitures with the same style.