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Fredericia 3 Seater Mogensen 2213 Sofa

At Danish Design Co, we offer authentic Scandinavian furniture that can fit many themes! One such theme is Mid Century, which is popular in Singapore!

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Mid Century Style

In recent years, the mid century style (or mid-century modern) has become increasingly mainstream for a variety of reasons. First, it is a style that lives in both the past and the present. Mid-Century modern designs combine sleek lines with familiar organic shapes, resulting in furniture pieces with timeless appeal. While many of mid-century modern pieces were designed in the 1950s and 60s, some of these designs are even more popular than they had been decades ago.


Other characteristics of the Mid Century Style include simplicity (a lack of unnecessary ornate embellishments), a nature-inspired look (usage of natural materials such as wood, metal and leather) and some (but not overly done) pops of colour.


Mid Century Sofas

We are particularly proud of our mid-century sofas, such as the Poet Sofa by House of Finn Juhl and No.1 Sofa by Fredericia. Both of these mid century designs are fairly iconic, exclusive and rich in history. If you would like a mid century sofa that has timeless appeal, then we would most certainly recommend these.


Mid Century Living Room

For a mid century living room, you would most definitely need a mid-century lounge chair. Lounge Chairs that fall into this category are the Chieftain Chair by Finn Juhl and the Spanish Chair by Borge Mogensen. If you would like a mid century modern coffee table to go with that, there is the Eye Table by Finn Juhl .


Mid Century Dining Room

In the Mid Century Dining Room, you would most likely find wooden and metallic dining chairs such as the Soborg Chair and simple dining tables like the Taro Dining Table .


Mid Century Storage

If your living or dining space is large enough to accommodate some storage pieces fashioned in the mid-century style, we would recommend the Sideboard by Finn Juhl and the Grossman Dresser by Gubi.


Not a Mid Century person? Don’t fret! We’ve curated three other collections by style for you to find your perfect furniture!