A Specially Curated Collection of Minimalist Furniture



With recent years, the minimalist home interior design has been growing in popularity as many of us living busy lifestyles wish to par things down to the basics. Ditching the unnecessary clutter to create a clean living space for ourselves can truly help us wind down after a hectic day of work even in bustling Singapore.

A modern minimalist home has a wide range – from monochromatic to laid-back luxury. However, when it comes down to the defining qualities of minimalist decor, the philosophy “less is more” always ring true. All furniture pieces have a specific function and are designed for practical use and only present when absolutely necessary.


As such, quality and well-made classic furniture that will stand the test of time is a marked characteristic of a minimalist house. By starting with a neutral base colour and playing with textures such as fabric and leather in similar or matching colour palettes, a minimalist design done well can create a living space that is beautiful, relaxing and welcoming.



Quality over quantity is a constant mantra for a minimalist. We recommend the classic Delphi Sofa designed by Hanne Wettstein in 2007 for Erik Joergensen and the Scandinavia Sofa by Glismand & Rüdiger for Bolia. These two sofas showcase simplistic design with beautiful upholstery details and stitching with many customisable sizes and materials to play around with to best suit your home.



Having less furniture in a living room might be a difficult task to achieve but with the right pieces, the extra living space can be made to feel warm, cosy and inviting. The Pato Lounge Chair by Fredericia is versatile and immaculately designed, offering comfort and stands as a visual statement piece. The Como Coffee Table combines Scandinavian design and Danish craftsmanship and is similarly available in a variety of sizes and materials that will fit and spruce up any minimalist home.



Going with the award winning TAC Dining chair by Andersen Furniture or Bird Dining Chair will never go wrong. These pieces are a minimalist’s dream with simple and sleek designs. They’re all also highly customizable in different colours and finishes to go with your chosen palette.



A minimalist house is not complete with lighting that will brighten up the spacious place. Our Acorn Pendant Lamp and the iconic Grasshopper Floor lamp by Gubi serves both function and aesthetic pleasure while giving light to wherever you might require.



A minimalist workspace needs to be able to provide a conducive but clean working space. The Milk Desk by Holmris is a height adjustable desk that encompasses a crisp white appearance that is sure to fit your minimalist office space and decor. Cable management systems help to reduce the sight of unsightly cords and wires and customizable compartments help to keep the workstation clean and sleek.


The minimalist look is just one of four styles of furniture we offer. Explore other themes with our curated Shop By Style function.

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