The Making of the Legendary Bed, Duxiana

Duxiana Bed Mattress - Danish Design Co Singapore

December 26, 2017

To craft a legendary bed, you will need legendary materials. Therefore, the DUXIANA team ensures that they only select the highest-grade materials for their luxurious beds. From the springs to the cotton threads, every single aspect of a DUXIANA bed has been maximised in order to take your comfort to revolutionary levels. Making-of-Duxiana-Luxury-Bed The first and most critical element of any bed are the springs. In a DUX bed, therein lies a coiled, high tensile Swedish steel wire that stretches two miles long. This continuous coil design ensures that the bed contours to your contours and circumvents the old-age problem of individual springs breaking. These springs may be small and thin, but they are also the most dynamic coils on the luxury mattress market. Making-of-Duxiana-Luxury-Bed The Northern areas of Sweden are where the harshest winters occur. And it is in these cold climates where the toughest pine trees, evidenced by their tightly spaced growth rings, emerge. The bed bases of every DUXIANA bed is made from wood harvested from these pine forests, allowing them to be constructed like a piece of furniture. The result? A luxury bed that lasts a lifetime. Making-of-Duxiana-Luxury-Bed What makes high quality latex in a luxury bed? The DUX’s team answer is blended latex, a mixture of Natural Latex harvested from the Hevea tree and Synthetic Latex. It offers the best of both worlds and here’s why. Natural Latex offers conformity, elasticity, health benefits and a luxurious feel. It would be perfect if it were not for its limited durability. And here is where Syntactic Latex comes into play. By binding that together with Natural Latex, it creates a product that as natural as it should be but with added perks. Making-of-Duxiana-Luxury-Bed The luxurious DUXIANA beds are dressed in high thread-count cotton. While its softness is naturally unrivaled, the lesser known fact here is that a higher thread count yields a more durable fabric. Making-of-Duxiana-Luxury-Bed The DUXIANA brand is a proud bearer of the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a system that analyses textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. To put it simply, the luxurious DUXIANA beds are free of any harmful or unhealthy chemicals, enabling it to meet stringent human-ecological requirements set out by this independent testing and certification system.

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