The Ultimate Luxury Mattress for a Great Night’s Sleep, Every Night!

Dux 6006 luxury mattress - Danish Design Co Singapore

November 11, 2020

A good mattress will help you sleep better every night. But a BRILLIANT mattress will enable you to have an amazing night’s sleep, every night.


Do such mattresses even exist? They certainly do! The answer lies in the luxurious, ultra comfortable DUX bed, produced by premium Swedish bed brand DUXIANA. With over 90 years of sleep research and development under their belt, you can be assured that each DUX bed is designed to ensure you’re exceptionally comfortable all night.


Pascal System: Customising Your Comfort for Each Body Zone

Some mattresses offer customisable firmness and comfort level on the left and right sides of the bed. But DUX beds brings this to a whole different level. The backcare luxury mattress is divided into six regions with the innovative Pascal® Personal Comfort Zone, which guarantees you a restful, sound sleep every night.


How It Works: The Pascal system allows you to customise the mattress firmness level according to different parts of your body: 1) Shoulders 2) Lower back 3) Legs. As these three body ‘zones’ require different levels of support, you can tailor the cassettes’ placements to provide the right support to each zone.


DUX 1001 Luxury Mattress


Maximum Comfort with Spine Support

Promising backcare luxury that’s supported by decades-long sleep research, the DUX mattress provides back support and comfort that’ll ensure you wake less, move around less throughout the night.


The best way in evaluating a mattress is to examine how it supports the spine. Contrary to popular belief, a firm mattress does not equate to providing good support to your sleeping form. Nor should a mattress be too soft as it can cause you to sink into the mattress, and might cause your spine to curve unnaturally.


Each DUX mattress also consists of 4,180 interconnected bed springs that provide the utmost pressure relief. This ensures the mattress contours to your spine and every point in your body in the most natural way possible, providing optimal upper and lower body support.


DUXIANA’s Range of Luxury Mattress


DUX mattresses have almost a century of proven history to ensure you remain in deep sleep longer, a state where your body heals and repairs itself. Here are three DUXIANA beds that’ll ensure you sleep ever-so-comfortably each night by delivering the right sleep posture.


1. DUX 3003 – Advanced single-base mattress with customisable comfort zones

DUX 3003 backcare luxury mattress

The DUX 3003 mattress features thousands of interconnected coils as well as the innovative Pascal system with 6 interchangeable spring cassettes to ensure maximised comfort tailored to your needs.


2. DUX 6006 – Deep contouring dual-base mattress with customisable comfort zones

DUX 6006 luxury mattress

The therapeutic DUX 6006 bed comes fitted with a comfortable, extra-luxe Xupport Top Pad to ensure a restful, comfortable sleep. It also comes with all the fantastic features of a DUX bed – the customisable Pascal system and interconnected coils for the utmost support for your body.


3. DUX 8008 – Ultimate sleep experience with customisable comfort zones and additional lumbar support adjustment

DUX backcare luxury mattress - 768 x 384

Imagine how brilliant it would feel waking up refreshed and rested in the mornings. The exceptionally advanced DUX 8008 mattress is designed based on research and development spanning over 90 years. Fitted with thousands of interconnected and dynamically interacting springs, it has nearly four times as many springs as an average bed. This enables the bed to contour to your body naturally instead of your body contouring to the bed. With the 6 interchangeable pascal cassettes and an adjustable lumbar support that can be fine-tuned on both sides of the bed, the comfort level you’ll experience is utterly unparalleled.


Indulge in Luxurious Sleep and Comfort

Sleep like royalty every night with the DUX mattress that surpasses the comfort level of hotel luxury beds. We have all three luxurious beds featured above in our Danish Design Co showroom. Visit us today and embark on a journey to exceptional comfort each night.


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