The Luxury Bed that Contours to Your Contours

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May 9, 2018

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Every Body is Unique.

Therefore, everybody’s needs are different as well. This is a perspective that has been widely adopted in various other industries, where customization is an expectation. In contrast, this has been left unaddressed by a significant fraction of the bed and mattress industry. As a result, it leaves a good number of people with inadequate support during sleep.


A Multi-Layered Problem

To provide the support needed by each unique body type during sleep, mattresses should adapt to the body instead of the other way around. When one has a bed partner, this problem is further complicated. As it is unlikely one shares the exact same body type as their partner, this means the chosen mattress usually supports one individual better than the other… or worse, fails to meet the needs of both individuals.


Next, we should also factor in the various life phases one goes through. As one ages, their body shape will change. This is also the case for pregnant women, except their body changes far more drastically in a shorter span of time. The ideal bed is thus, not just one that adapts to your body shape, but one that also conforms to the shape of your body over time.


A Multi-Layered Solution




In the luxury bed industry, DUXIANA is among the first to offer a solution to this curious predicament.

To DUXIANA, the ultimate goal is deep sleep. This means accounting for the fact that one’s specific body type determines whether a mattress is comfortable or not. This can be done with their patented Pascal Cassette system, which is a prominent feature in DUXIANA’s luxury beds. Here is how it works:


  • The Pascal System comprises of three pockets that cover the head, shoulders and hip zones of the bed. To adjust the amount of support present in each zone, cassettes of various densities can be placed within the pockets.
  • Unlike other recent innovations like memory foam, the spring system these luxury beds offer is dynamic and will provide ample support no matter how much you turn during sleep, promoting deep sleep.
  • The three pockets on each side of the luxury bed (six in total) can be adapted to the body shape of the individual sleeping on that side. The support needs of both partners will thus be met.
  • When your body shape changes, the cassettes can be switched out. This is highly beneficial for pregnant woman, whose bodies will require differing amounts of support depending on which phase of the pregnancy they are in. To learn more about this, click here.


Choosing a luxury bed such as the DUXIANA is a lifelong investment. To explore how else these beds can revolutionize your sleeping experience, click here.