Danish Furniture Designs Nominated for Furniture of the Year 2018 Awards

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August 30, 2018

Besides aiding comfy living, our furniture designs are also recognized as works of art. Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet, Costume Living and Nordic Living often feature our designs in the home décor sections, which are popular among readers. Bo Bedre means Live Better, Bolig Magasinet is a pioneer of personal interior spaces, Costume Living is about exclusive and iconic designs, while Nordic Living is dedicated to the aspirations and dreams of Nordic culture.


As a tribute to the most elegant model of the year, the design awards are a celebration that engages all the stakeholders in the furniture world. Four of our models are finalists in the prestigious Furniture of the Year 2018 awards.


Spanish Dining ChairDanish-Furniture-Designs-Nominated-for-Furniture-of-the-Year-2018-Awards

Borge Mogensen’s Spanish Dining Chair promotes the cultural heritage of dining in style. In today’s ephemeral world, it’s easy for trendy practices to trump tradition. The Spanish Dining Chair, made with beautiful oak and saddle leather, is a delight to sit on and enjoy a meal with family and friends. Being nominated means this cultural practice is a valued one. As one of our favorites, we’ll not be surprised if the Spanish Dining Chair goes all the way to win the award.


Din ChairDanish-Furniture-Designs-Nominated-for-Furniture-of-the-Year-2018-Awards

A product of the design house, Oeo, led by Thomas Lykke, the Din Chair is charming. Like the Spanish Chair, the Din Chair also promotes the culture of dining with family and friends by creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. Patrons enjoy sitting on the Din Chair, which features a generous seat and backrest, and a comfortable enclosure on a sturdy frame. The Din Chair could easily be the People’s Choice Award winner.


48 Sofa BenchDanish-Furniture-Designs-Nominated-for-Furniture-of-the-Year-2018-Awards

Finn Juhl’s iconic 48 Sofa Bench has been relaunched in 2018, and we’re not surprised the furniture got nominated. Featuring oak, teak or walnut frame, and leather or fabric upholstery, the 48 Sofa Bench is a class apart from most modern designs. Patrons appreciate the feel of wood and leather or fabric in modern environments. Though technically not a newcomer, our vote for the Best Newcomer Award goes to the 48 Sofa Bench.


Montana Free Shelving SystemDanish-Furniture-Designs-Nominated-for-Furniture-of-the-Year-2018-Awards

Launched by Montana, a design house lead by creative director Joakim Lassen, the Montana Free Shelving System is a furniture innovation. Unlike the previous-gen philosophy of fixed elements, the Montana Free Shelving System features a plug and play assembly. The millennials and gen Z will find the Montana Free Shelving System a true companion for their mobile lifestyles. We support the Montana Free Shelving System for the Most Innovative Furniture Award.


So, which one is your top choice for the award? If you’d like to learn more about any of them, please send us an enquiry here!

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