5 Secrets in Choosing a Scandinavian Sofa That Lasts a Lifetime

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April 15, 2020

Purchasing a sofa is a lifelong commitment. Whether you are looking for a two-seater sofa, a statement leather sofa, or a modular corner sofa that can accommodate the whole family, your sofa has to grow with you and suit your lifestyle; it has to withstand the test of time. Naturally, you want the best sofa possible.


A sofa becomes a hidden part of your life; it is a den for family time, an extra seat when you have invited one-too-many people to your party, as well as a statement of your values and style. In this way, a sofa is a surprising reflection of your personality, which makes it even more important that you pick one that suits you.



Eilersen - Ra sofa in cream

Ra Sofa by Eilersen


Finding the Perfect Sofa

This is easier said than done. As with anything today, there are a million choices to make, from the brand and the shape, all the way through to the fabric (what are pros of velvet sofa over a linen sofa, anyone?). It can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Where do you even start?


From our years of working closely with customers in our showrooms, we have realised that a good place to start by looking at what other people end up buying. Though this seems paradoxical – if sofas are inherently unique to you, how can looking at what other people like help you? – we have found that by looking at the most popular sofas you can start to narrow down what exactly you want and need in your sofa.


Time to narrow down those pesky decisions! To help you with this, we are going to walk you step-by-step through our 5 best-selling sofas and explain exactly why our customers end up picking them; and 5 ‘secrets’ that we now want to share with you in finding the best sofa for your home. Hopefully, by understanding what makes other people tick, you will find out what makes you tick too!



Eilersen - Zenith fabric sofa

Zenith Sofa by Eilersen


Reason 1: The Brand

The sofas we have picked are designed and made by Eilersen, a Danish sofa brand which is globally renowned for its meticulous research and expert craftsmanship. It leads the field, employing sleek Danish design that almost masks the weeks of careful work that go into every sofa. When you are looking for a high-quality sofa, it is important to consider the construction of the frame – you need this to last as it is the backbone of your sofa.


Every Eilersen sofa is built of solid pinewood for lightweight flexibility and durability. Pine from colder climates like Scandinavia is used so that the wood grows more slowly, creating less tension and fewer knots. This means that your sofa frame never warps out of shape and is far more resistant to stress.


The Floaty Tub Sofa

The Tub Sofa, a glorious lounge sofa, pictured below, epitomises this drive for excellence. Despite being one of the coolest and softest sofas around (a reason many of our customers cite for their purchase), the Tub has an incredibly tight and strong frame which contrasts its floaty interior.


Most modern sofa-manufacturers no longer include a seat bracket in the sofa, but for Eilersen this is the key to maintaining the sturdiness of the sofa. It is made of either solid beech wood or steel and locks in the sofa frame, ensuring that the sofa, while flexible, never breaks. Designed to be like a ‘sofa bath-tub’, the attention to detail on the Tub is incomparable. It uses Eilersen’s own specially picked down feathers to provide softness and comfort equivalent to a sofa-bed.



Eilersen - Tub sofa in leather

Tub Sofa by Eilersen


Reason 2: The Look

The Versatile and Luxurious Dacapo Sofa

The Dacapo sofa is all about the ‘sofa landscape’. It is customisable and sectional, allowing you to choose its shape and look. It can be a corner sofa, or a simple three-seater – it’s up to you! It epitomises luxurious, sleek, personalised design.


Our customers often buy the Dacapo when they want to pair the durability of Danish craft with high fashion. The Dacapo is the most Italian of the Eilersen range, boasting a more structured and angled look than the rest of the range. This gives the Dacapo a classic vision that stands the test of any room and any occasion.


Often the customers that buy the Dacapo are interior designers or architects, attracted to the Dacapo because of its endless style options – not only is it customisable in shape but also in the range of covers and colours available, it can shift and blend its look. You can change it to fit with the season, with your other furniture, or with your own changing design tastes.



Eilersen - Dacapo sofa in white

Dacapo Sofa by Eilersen



Reason 3: The Lifestyle

As said above, your sofa is often a hub for the comings and goings of your life. You pick a sofa to suit your lifestyle, and it also ends up shaping your life. Nothing exemplifies this more than the relationship between sofas and family life, and the Playground is always the top pick of customers with a young family.


The Innovative Marvel: Playground Sofa

Aptly named, the Playground is half-play-half-sofa and is the perfect modern sofa. It has innovative light non-slip mobile blocks that can be moved anywhere on the sofa base (or beyond!). These can be used to turn the sofa into a sofa-bed, to turn the sofa-bed into a chaise-lounge, or even to turn your floor into a maze for your children by placing the blocks on the floor. The Playground grows with your family and is a perfect combination of striking style and clever functionality.


Eilersen - playground soda in light grey

Playground Sofa by Eilersen


Reason 4: The Details

Though the look and functionality of a sofa are key, the way to really test the quality of a sofa is by looking at the hidden details. It is precisely because these are hidden that they are the place to test real quality – is the brand cutting corners where they think they can get away with it?


A good place to start is to consider the stitching and the joints — these are the places where the bones of your sofa are held together. In an Eilersen, for example, there is precise innovation down to the last detail. The dowels which hold the joints are spiralled, ensuring that the glue which holds the joint will cover the largest possible surface area and give your sofa incredible stability. Even the stitching, used to hold the fabric together, uses the highest quality thread in line with German industrial standards.


The Ergonomic Lift Sofa

It is this attention to detail you want in your sofa, because it makes a difference to how you use it. The Lift sofa, a classically Danish sofa designed by Jens Juul Eilersen, is a perfect example of these coveted details. Though it seems to be a rather straightforward, no-frills affair, the Lift is an ergonomic sofa with a built-in lifting mechanism that means that the backrest can either be lifted or lowered to provide additional neck support.


As with all other Eilersen sofas, it also has additional calico covers underneath the top cover. This makes it much easier to remove and replace the sofa covers. It is this attention to detail and care for the customer experience that often draws customers into the Lift.



Eilersen - Lift sofa in black leather

Lift Sofa by Eilersen


Reason 5: The Values

The Sleek Streamline Sofa

One of our best-selling sofas, the Streamline, epitomises why people buy from Eilersen. The Streamline is a beautiful, sleek, design with long lines designed to broaden any room it is placed in. In addition to being a statement furniture piece, it is also a value statement. As with any purchase, you are not just buying a sofa, you are buying into the values and personality of a business. This is something you should consider when you purchase your sofa – what does your purchase say about you?


Buying an Eilersen shows a commitment to sustainability and to caring for the outside world the same way you care for your home environment. Every sofa uses certified child-safe glues, pine from the Forest Stewardship Council, and is chemical-substance-accredited by the Danish Indoor Climate Label.


Eilersen - Streamline sofa in light grey

Streamline Sofa by Eilersen


Embracing Sustainability

When you purchase your sofa, you are buying into these values and supporting businesses that promote a sustainable lifestyle and reject the growing trend of fast-furniture. When you are deciding on your next sofa, this commitment to sustainability not only indicates high quality construction ‘built to last’ but will help to make sure that you’re supporting a business that is out to create a better world for everyone.





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