Scandinavian Luxury: Elevate Your Home with Designer Sofas

Fredericia sofa no 1 in white - Danish Design Co Singapore

October 17, 2019

Love the minimalist, simplicity of Scandinavian-styled homes? You’re one of many if the answer is yes! This design style has certainly been growing in popularity across the globe; even right here in sunny Singapore.


It’s not hard to imagine why this interior theme has gained momentum over the past few years. What’s not to adore? – its clean, uncluttered style invokes a sense of serenity and spacious airiness that spans across the entire home. Perfect for the practical, busy Singaporean who wants to return home to a neat abode and not have to spend endless hours cleaning and dusting their home.


Scandinavian Design Movement

The modern Scandinavian design movement first started in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America. Although even before this era, designers from the Scandinavian region have already incorporated elements from this theme into their designs.


This theme is characterised by hues of black, white, grey and even blue, alongside sleek furnishing. Wooden elements such as hardwood floors, or furnishings made from woods such as oak or walnut are also distinctive components in Scandinavian-styled homes. These types of woods blend seamlessly with the neutral colours characterised by this theme. Rugs are generally not favoured, which also makes it easier to showcase the natural, aesthetic appeal of the hardwood floors.


Simple Scandinavian Sophistication

When homeowners decide to style their homes with Scandinavian minimalism as the chosen theme, the furnishings should naturally blend well with the home’s interior. While numerous iconic, Scandinavian furniture were designed decades ago, their timelessness has certainly endured the test of time.


The following classic, exquisite sofa designs will look gorgeous as well as complement any modern, contemporary or even mid-century home today. Let us take you on a journey of a few of these classic sofa designs, and each piece has been designed by renowned Scandinavian furniture brands.


Calmo sofa by fredericiacalmo sofa by fredericia

Featuring the Calmo sofa by Fredericia. It’s easily customisable to suit your lifestyle; indulge yourself by adding a chaise lounge at either end for added comfort.



No. 1 sofa by FredericiaFredericia No 1 sofa in black

Aptly named so, the No. 1 sofa by Fredericia would undoubtedly take centrestage in any living room. Add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your home with this exquisite 3-seater sofa.



Cocoon sofa by Eilerseneilersen cocoon sofa in grey

As you sit back and sink into the luxurious Cocoon sofa by Eilersen, it supports and envelopes you just as a cocoon does. Offering different levels of comfort, you can tailor the sofa to your preferred degree of comfort by adding lumbar bolsters, main cushions, armrests or neck bolsters.



Dacapo sofa by Eilerseneilersen dacapo sofa in white

The sleek Dacapo sofa by Eilersen – especially in the pristine white hue pictured above – would complement any Scandinavian-styled home.


Delphi sofa by Erik Jørgensen erik jorgensen delphi sofa

Exuding iconic luxury, the Delphi sofa by the Erik Jørgensen brand is a flawless fusion of craftsmanship, function and form.


Duplo High sofa by Erik JørgensenErik Jorgensen Duplo sofa

The sophisticated, futuristic Duplo High sofa by Erik Jørgensen is an amazing blend of geometry and visual aesthetics. An excellent choice for modern homes.


All the above stunning sofa designs are part of Danish Design Co’s Iconic sofa range. Visit our showroom to experience the best of Scandinavian luxury!


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