Designer Furniture Legacies: 5 Iconic Lounge Chairs

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June 9, 2018

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Lounge Chairs – the furniture equivalent of the sports car. In the last few decades, these upholstered isolation chambers have risen to become status symbols, particularly for men. In the world of Scandinavian designer furniture, a number of lounge chairs have become instantly recognizable, even by those who know close to nothing about luxury furniture. At Danish Design Co, we are proud to represent these iconic designs:




Ox Chair (1960s)

The ultimate expression of masculinity is embodied by the Ox Chair, designed by none other than Hans Wegner. Although it started out as one of Wegner’s more humorous designs, this classic eventually became one of Wegner’s personal favorites. He even had one in his living room! As for the rest of the world, the Ox Chair grew to become a designer furniture icon, bagging several prestigious awards along the way. Dress it up in premium leather and you’ll have one of the most powerful and sculptural chairs in the market.


Chieftain Chair (1940s)

Step back a couple of decades and be introduced to one of Finn Juhl’s masterpieces – the Chieftain Chair. In the world of designer furniture, the Chieftain Chair exists on an entirely different level. Even for Finn Juhl, its conceptualization was unique as well. Here’s why: Finn Juhl is well known for creating small, handy chairs, like the 45 and 46. The Chieftain, with its wide frame and tall back, is the complete opposite of that. Today, the Chieftain stands strong in the designer furniture market and continues to serve as a source for inspiration for aspiring designers.


Corona Chair (1960s)

Over the years, this iconic lounge chair by Poul M. Volther has been featured in a great number of films, fashion editorials and music videos. Inspired by the structure of the human spine, the Corona is designed to be light and yet, strong. It was, without doubt, born to be a classic. It became a hit in the designer furniture market and has remained as such in the decades that followed.


Spanish Chair (1950s)

Inspiration can be found anywhere. For Børge Mogensen, he found his for the Spanish Chair during a tour through Spain. In areas that were greatly influenced by Islamic culture, he came across a traditional sort of chair with wide armrests. Combining this with his flair for creating functional furniture, Mogensen fashioned the famous Spanish Chair. Similar to other pieces of designer furniture, only the finest materials are used to craft the Spanish Chair. But unlike most, the Spanish Chair only grows more beautiful with time.



Egg Chair (1950s)

Arne Jacobsen was a pioneer in the world of designer furniture in many ways. However, one particular design stands above the rest – the Egg Chair. In 1958, Arne Jacobsen was commissioned to design the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. He was tasked to design every element of the hotel, from the interior to the furniture within. For the lobby and reception areas, he conceived the egg chair, which is crafted using methods unknown to the designer furniture industry before then.











In Singapore, Danish Design Co is the exclusive retailer of a majority of these iconic designs. Do drop by for a visit to indulge in the luxury.