Perfect Pairings: Dining Table and Chair Combinations

Embrace a curated approach in your dining room by furnishing it with a more personal and unique combination of dining table and dining chairs. Especially so in homes with an open concept, your dining room can be a focal point of entertaining, and you’ll want to adorn the space thoughtfully. In this blog, we’re going to dive into ways you can harmonise your dining room furniture pairings, that will add a distinctive design style to your dining area. 


Apply a Colour Scheme 


Getting the right colours in your dining room is important, even if you prefer a neutral background. A dash of unexpected colour can transform a room into one that is stylish, and personalised.


A pop of colour also allows your dining room to feel more layered. Your chosen colour scheme could be subtle, such as pairing a teak dining table with light oak dining chairs. Or you could even go bold, by choosing vibrant hues to achieve a contrast that is more pronounced. 


Dining Furniture - Wishbone Chair and Ten Dining Table - Danish Design Co Singapore

Wishbone Dining Chair (left) and Ten Dining Table (right)


Did you know the Wishbone dining chair designed by Hans J. Wegner is available in an assortment of 51 different materials and colours? We think the Berry Red and Grass Green lacquer are quite a vision! The Wishbone pairs wonderfully with the Ten dining table.  


Different Materials for Your Dining Table and Chairs


A blend of materials for your dining furniture breaks any monotony and adds distinctive contrast. Imagine this: An oak dining table with oak dining chairs on hardwood flooring – there would be absolutely no standout element.


A mixed materials approach executed successfully creates a balanced yet unique dining room. A marriage of varying materials done right will also bring brilliance to your space. 


Dining Furniture - Gubi Beetle Chair and Gubi Bat Chair and Epic Marble Dining Table - Danish Design Co Singapore

Bat Dining Chair (left) and Beetle Dining Chair (right). Both paired with Epic Dining Table in different variants.


You could combine fabric upholstered chairs with a solid wood dining table, leather upholstered chairs with a quality, laminate dining table, and more! The possibilities are numerous! Or you could style your space similar to the style as pictured above – both the fabric-upholstered Gubi Bat dining chair and Gubi Beetle dining chair accentuates the Epic marble dining table, which will strategically draw your guests’ eyes to the exquisite vein detailing on the marble.


Mix or Match the Style – The Choice is Ultimately Yours!


If you’ve envisioned having the same interior style throughout your entire home, dining room included, you could choose sticking with it by furnishing your space with dining furniture that matches the style. 


Or, if you’re seeking to mix styles such as contemporary with mid-century charm, or industrial with rustic, or any other styles, less is more is the key in creating an impactful setting. Selecting a few curated designs, or even just two, ensures your dining area looks carefully styled and not jumbled. 


Dining Furniture - Trinidad Dining Chair and Chess Massive Jewel Marble Table - Danish Design Co Singapore

Trining Dining Chair (left) and Jewel Marble Dining Table (right)


Choosing timeless, iconic designs means that your dining furniture will always look on trend. For a bit of inspiration, the classic Trinidad dining chair would pair beautifully with a contemporary design such as the Jewel dining table – a versatile design that is available with a solid wood or marble top, and in round or square variants.


Curate Your Dining Room with Expert Advice 


Styling your dining room need not be a headache. Our expert team at Danish Design Co would be delighted to help you style your space. Book a home design package with us HERE


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