Designer Furniture Stories: Exquisite Pairings from our Brands

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August 28, 2018

We’ve been telling stories about Scandinavian designers and their designer furniture, but did you know our story? In this post, we’ll share insights into our worldview, and how we create stunning interiors by visualizing spaces for Singaporean living. We travel the world for eye-catching designs, and when we find one, we ask what if? We love playing matchmaker.


As we toy with clever schemes, we often stumble upon inventive décor using designer furniture from more than one of our brands and present the muse to our patrons. Designers often produce furniture items in sets, but looking beyond the original set often results in artistic displays. Check these out!


String System & J39



Designed by Nisse Strinning for String, the String System provides a fantastic backdrop for the J39 chair. We’ve our favorite configuration for the String System, which you could configure for your own place. Put together cabinets, shelves and panels in a form that satisfies all your storage needs, while giving the décor its sharp looks. Borge Mogensen’s J39 is so simple and versatile, people fancy sitting on the chair, which gave it the sobriquet—The People’s Chair. Fredericia retails the chair, which is available in new and vintage versions. You may remember seeing the chair in cafes, homes, institutions, restaurants, universities, and many other establishments.


Image by @schoenerwohnenmagazin on Instagram


TS Table & Spanish Chair



Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, the famous Danish-Italian duo, also known as GamFratesi designed the TS Table for the Gubi brand. The marble-top table ideal for the lounge and you could choose from one or more tables to create the perfect lounging area. The Spanish Chair is Borge Mogensen’s creation for the Fredericia brand. Featuring brass, leather and oak, the Spanish Chair can hold on its own. Patrons simply love sitting on this chair, which is not only comfortable but also has a generous armrest that accommodates things placed on it.

Image by @greatdanefurniture on Instagram


AK 1330 Desk, Reading Chair, A2772 Cabinet & Grasshoppa Table Lamp



The AK 1330 Desk is Soren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl’s invention. As part of the Naver Collection, the table featuring white Corian makes the work area incredibly stylish. Top it off with Greta Grossman’s iconic Grasshoppa Table Lamp for there you have it, the perfect workspace.


For those who spend long hours reading, Finn Juhl’s Reading Chair is a must-have furniture item. Choose from oak, teak or walnut, and fabric or leather upholstery to match the décor of the conference hall, home, hotel or restaurant. To further enhance this designer furniture set, you may choose to include the AK2770 Cabinet, which pairs well with the AK 1330.


Please let us know what you think! If you’d like to check out some more schemes, please come to our showroom, and we’ll be happy to show you around.


Image by @squareroomsmag on Instagram

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