Divine Design Pairings: Living Room Furniture

Poet Sofa and Pelican Chair Danish Design Co

October 8, 2022

Designing a room that fits you and your family perfectly requires making hundreds of choices. We know that for many of you, this can be really overwhelming, so today we’re aiming to make your decision-making process for choosing furniture for your home a little bit easier! The height, form, and material of the leg are the three factors that determine how well a base or set of legs fits with another. These three categories are combined in a successful furniture design.


The following contemporary Scandinavian furniture pairings would improve your living space:


Poet Sofa and Pelican Chair Fredericia, Danish design Co Singapore


1. Poet Sofa, Pelican Chair & Eye Coffee Table by House of Finn Juhl


Exquisite design that was well ahead of its time was the Pelican Lounge Chair and the Poet Sofa. One can easily feel welcomed and encouraged into a warm and comforting hug while seated on this chair thanks to its distinctive soft and organic design, which mimics a hugging figure. With or without buttons, the Pelican Lounge Chair is produced in two variations, and many compare it to the similarly avant-garde Poet Sofa because of its sculptural design. The Poet Sofa was on display at the exhibition alongside many sculptures, demonstrating the relationship between furniture and sculpture. It is the ideal size for two persons who like to sit close together. The perfect combination of the Poet Sofa with the Pelican Chair and Eye Coffee Table would create the ideal mid-century living space.



Poet Sofa and Pelican Chair Alt Colour Fredericia, Danish design Co Singapore


2. Puzzle Coffee Table and Drop Sofa by Eilersen


A special coffee and side table that involves you is the Puzzle Coffee Table. In addition to having customizable shapes, sizes, and tabletop materials, the frame is comprised of three wooden blocks that can be assembled in any order, much like a puzzle. Like all other Eilersen sofas, the Drop Sofa is a classic but also a timeless design. This sofa was created by Jens Juul Eilersen with one main goal in mind: maximum comfort. To ensure that you can easily stand up after hours of rest, the designer sofa’s seats have been enlarged and filled with more fiberfill foam. Together, this sofa and the idea behind the Puzzle Coffee Table are fantastic items for a contemporary, urban home and a city dweller who wants to exhibit their personality.



Drop Sofa and Puzz Coffee Table eilersen, Danish Design Co Singapore


3. CH002 Dining Table and CH20  Elbow Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn


The chic CH20 Elbow Dining Chair has a steam-bent backrest that not only gives the appearance of “floating,” but also supports the lower back and elbows. Thus, its fitting name. The innovative under-seat rail structure ensures maximum stability, and the support’s shape allows for a range of sitting positions as well as stackable storage. For smaller houses, an extensible dining table is an excellent option. Hans J. Wegner created the extensible CH002 Dining Table in 1982 specifically for this use. The two additional extension leaves that come with this useful dining table make for simple extension. 



CH0002 Dining Table and CH20 Elbow Dining chair, Danish Design Co Singapore


4. #33 Round Extendable Dining Table and #55 Dining Chair by Skovby


The #33 Round Extendable Dining Table by Skovby takes its exceptional design that easily blends into the modern interior of any household. Its round shape and wood texture showcase the structural means of trees and their evolution. This Scandinavian design can accommodate six to nine people as it is extendable. You can easily access the extension mechanism after opening the table’s center. Apply light pressure, and the extension leaves unfold. You can easily pair the dining table with a sleek swivel #55 Dining Chair which is an improved version created by the Skovby design team. The swivel base has given the chair a new purpose, and the wheels make it simple to transfer the chair without having to lift it or even get out of it.



33 Extendable Dining Table Skovby Danish Design Co


5. Queen Lounge Chair and Ox Lounge Chair by Fredericia 


The Fredericia Queen Lounge Chair evokes grace and femininity. Along with the classic Ox Lounge Chair, it became well-known in the 1960s and was created by renowned designer Hans J. Wegner. The Queen Lounge Chair emphasizes simplicity with its smooth, thin edges. This gorgeous lounge chair has a feeling of lightness due to the supportive chromed steel legs that hold up the pleasant cold foam-filled arm cushions.


Queen Lounge Chair





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