String – The Modular Shelving System That’ll Blow Your Mind

String Module Storage Furniture - Danish Design Co Singapore

September 1, 2018

We have an active community on Instagram, where patrons love to talk about new furniture. The String System has caught the fancy of our patrons, who find the idea of having fun with shelving solutions irresistible. Designed by Nils Strinning, this shelving system provides an intuitive solution for developing wall systems. The System is configurable, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small wall. The light, yet stable structure incorporates panels and shelves of varying sizes to accommodate goods and artifacts.





If you’re not happy with your bathroom furniture, check this out! Complete with shelf, cabinet and mirror doors, the solution is so incredibly simple, and yet can host more things than most bathroom cabinets. Create shelves for your needs—if you’re a growing family, dedicate one level for each member of the family, or build a queen-sized shelf if you’re still blissfully single.

Living Area


Some of our patrons can’t find the right furniture for the living area. You know the problem—cabinets, shelves and other furniture come in various sizes and do not match the settings. It’s queer trying to place odd pieces of furniture to occupy spaces along the wall. By hugging a section of the wall, the String System magically transforms the living area with tiny spaces for storage and display. Look at this exhibit, which is so popular among patrons for the witty scheme.

Book Shelf & Study Area


A study room or area is a tradition in most cultures. You could buy a desk and bookshelf for the reading area, or build an innovative solution with our modular shelving system. Besides being spacious enough to accommodate all your reading interests, the shelf is also elegant and low maintenance. Extend the System to occupy the entire wall surface if you’re building a library for your family reading.




If you enjoy culinary art, you probably also own equipment for making treats ranging from avocado smoothies to zucchini salads. However, how do you organize kitchenware? Our modular shelving system is here to solve your problem. You no longer have to hire a carpenter to re-arrange the kitchen. Just put together a scheme of cabinets and shelves for the kitchenware and your solution is ready.


We welcome you to play with the String Configurator. Our patrons have become incredibly skilled within a few sessions. We challenge you to show us your creations! Alternatively, you may drop by our showroom and take a gander at the String Systems we have on display!

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