4 Key Aspects to Consider When You Buy Office Chair for Your Home

Productivity, motivation, and comfort. These 3 elements are the foundation for any rewarding workday, and the right home office setup with a comfortable office chair and desk enables you to achieve this. 


Choosing and buying office chairs that meet our purpose and suit our personal style requires a bit of product consideration. We, at Danish Design Co, want to help you find the right type of office chair that suits you best, and we have compiled an office chair buying guide detailing what you should look out for. 

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1. Keep in Mind The Ergonomics Aspect of an Office Chair


One of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the right office chair is its ergonomics. You should ensure that it is adjustable to your individual body shape and height. 


An office chair that promotes better posture is everything, especially when sitting down for long periods at a time. We all know that terrible posture brought on from a chair that is not suited for you would lead to issues such as back pain, leg problems, carpal tunnel and even spine issues. Here are a few key aspects on an office chair’s adjustability you should look out: 


  • Lumbar Support 
  • Recline Features
  • Seat Depth
  • Seat Height
  • Armrests


All the five aspects above depend on the individual user’s needs, so testing out different office chairs and their adjustable features would help you in finding the right one that provides comfort and minimises health issues. 

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2. Look Out for an Office Chair That is Durable and of High Quality


The second key consideration when buying an office chair is the quality and longevity it provides. Its overall longevity is greatly predicted by its construction and the materials used. As many lower priced office chairs are mass-produced, you might notice that some of them do not necessarily have the best construction. While well-built office chairs generally cost a bit more as the chair’s components are produced with high quality materials, they would be worth the investment as they do last longer and provide more comfort. 

3. Mobility in an Office Chair Allows for Easy Movement 


Another important aspect when on the lookout for your next home office chair is its mobility, which is something that tends to be overlooked. If you need to move across the room regularly whilst working (to grab items off your shelves or coffee mug from across the room), you’ll want to look for an office chair that has at least a five-pedestal base with casters that glide easily. Office chairs with a four-pedestal base might tip more easily.


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4. Choosing the Right Material for Your Home Office Chair


Comfort is key when you need to spend hours on end sitting on an office chair (please do take regular stretch breaks if you do). Its material is paramount in determining your comfort, and there are numerous types of material for you to choose from, with each having its own pros and cons. 


Leather office chairs provide a smooth feel and are easy to clean should spills occur. Chairs with fabric upholstery might feel comfortable but they are less resistant to spills and more difficult to clean. Mesh office chairs have grown in popularity in Singapore due to our climate here and it does provide better ventilation, but the material might sag over time. When choosing the material for your chair, keep in mind the type of material that best suits your needs, and its required maintenance. 


Discover Comfortable, Designer Office Chairs in Our Singapore Furniture Store 


A comfortable and ergonomic office chair is an important piece of furniture to have in your home office. When you’re comfortable, you work better, and finish the day feeling productive and fulfilled.


At Danish Design Co, we carry a selection of comfortable, designer office chairs that are produced with high-quality materials, which guarantees its longevity. Do drop by our furniture showroom to check them out in person. 

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