Living Room Themes Inspired by Scandinavian Design Masters

When it comes to interior design, Scandinavian style has gained immense popularity for its minimalistic yet warm and inviting aesthetics. The Danish design masters have played a significant role in shaping this design movement, creating timeless pieces that effortlessly blend functionality, craftsmanship, and beauty. In this blog, we will explore living room themes inspired by Scandinavian design masters like Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Greta Grossman, Jenn Juhl Eilersen, Hans J. Wegner, and Nisse Strinning, and showcase some of their iconic furniture pieces available at Danish Design Co in Singapore.


Nordic Minimalism

Børge Mogensen themed living room - danish design co singapore

Scandinavian design is synonymous with minimalism, and Børge Mogensen was a master of this style. To create a Nordic Minimalist living room, opt for clean lines, neutral color palettes, and functional furniture. The Børge Mogensen 2213 Sofa is a perfect centerpiece for this theme. Its simple yet elegant design, combined with high-quality materials, makes it a timeless addition to any living room. The sofa’s sleek lines and plush cushions provide both comfort and style. Pair it with the Spanish Lounge Chair and 2212 Coffee Table, featuring organic shapes and natural wood finishes, to complete the look. The coffee table’s smooth surface and minimalist design add a touch of sophistication to the space, while its functional storage options make it practical for everyday use.


Organic Modernism

finn juhl themed living room - danish design co singapore

Finn Juhl is renowned for his organic and sculptural designs. To capture the essence of his work, create an Organic Modernism living room theme. Incorporate furniture pieces that showcase fluid lines and natural materials. The 45 Chair crafted by this design master is an iconic piece that perfectly embodies this style. Its curvaceous silhouette and comfortable upholstery make it an excellent choice for relaxation and conversation. The chair’s elegant design and attention to detail create a sense of artistic expression in the room. Complement it with the Eye Coffee Table, with its playful organic shape, to add a touch of artistic flair. The table’s unique form and smooth surface make it a functional and eye-catching addition to the living room, perfect for displaying decorative items or holding a cup of coffee.


Mid-Century Elegance

Greta grossman themed living room - danish design co singapore

Greta Grossman, known for her mid-century modern designs, brings elegance and sophistication to any living room. To recreate this theme, focus on geometric shapes, sleek lines, and a mix of materials. The GT Lounge Chair is an absolute showstopper. Its slender frame, distinctive silhouette, and vibrant colors make it a focal point in any space. The chair’s ergonomic design and soft upholstery create a comfortable and stylish seating option. Pair it with the 62 Sideboard, featuring a slender base and a sleek tabletop, to achieve a cohesive mid-century look. The sideboard’s minimalistic design and graceful curves enhance the overall elegance of the living room, making it a versatile surface for placing décor or lighting fixtures.


Scandinavian Comfort

jens juhl eilersen themed living room - danish design co singapore

Jenn Juhl Eilersen designs furniture that marries Scandinavian simplicity with comfort. To create a cozy and inviting living room, opt for plush seating and soft textures. Under his belt, the Playground Sofa is the epitome of comfort and style. Its modular design allows for versatile seating arrangements, while the plush cushions provide the perfect spot to unwind. The sofa’s deep seats and padded armrests envelop you in a sense of relaxation, making it an ideal choice for lounging or entertaining guests. Complete the look with the Puzzle Coffee Table, featuring clean lines and a compact design, ideal for keeping essentials within reach. The table’s smooth surface and convenient size make it a practical addition to the living room, perfect for placing a cup of tea or displaying decorative accents.


Iconic Masterpieces

hans j wegner themed living room - danish design co singapore

Hans J. Wegner, often referred to as the “Master of the Chair,” created numerous iconic designs that have become staples in Scandinavian design. To pay homage to his legacy, showcase his timeless masterpieces in your living room. The CH07 Shell Chair is a true design icon, known for its elegant curves and exceptional craftsmanship. Its sculptural form and ergonomic design provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Pair it with the CH008 Coffee Table, featuring a solid wood frame and a spacious tabletop, to create a stunning focal point. The coffee table’s natural wood grain and sleek design complement the Shell Chair beautifully, adding a touch of sophistication to the living room. Its ample surface area provides a practical space for placing beverages, books, or decorative items.


Scandinavian Shelving

nils strinning themed living room - danish design co singapore

Nils Strinning revolutionized storage solutions with his modular shelving system. Incorporate his designs to achieve a Scandinavian Shelving theme in your living room. The String System is a versatile and customizable shelving solution that adapts to your needs. Its minimalist design, combined with the ability to mix and match components, makes it a practical and aesthetic addition to any space. Use it to display books, plants, and personal artifacts, adding a personal touch to your living room. The String System’s clean lines and open structure create a sense of lightness, making it an excellent choice for showcasing your favorite items while maintaining a clutter-free environment. Its functionality and adaptability make it a valuable asset in organizing and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the living room.



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