Outdoor Designs by Gloster

Luxury Outdoor Furniture from Gloster, Made for Singapore's Climate

Gloster Outdoor Furniture - Danish Design Co


Gloster produces timeless, long-lasting, and weather-resistant outdoor furniture. Only the highest quality materials are used to craft their outdoor pieces. To bring you the one of the world’s finest outdoor furniture, Gloster’s expert team comprises expert furniture makers whose sole focus is to design and build long-lasting pieces with time-honoured craftsmanship.


Gloster’s production of teak is sustainable and each teak tree has a lifecycle of at least 50 years – all their wood can always be traced back to its origin. Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is the future of the world, and Gloster places great importance on this and practices sustainable processes. 


Gloster is truly dedicated to ensuring their customers have the very best outdoor furniture for their residential or commercial outdoor spaces. 


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