Yksi Dining Chair

A Study In Scandinavian Elegance

Immense Selection of Colours; Iconic Design; Seat Can Be Upholstered


The Yksi Dining Chair seems familiar at first. It is only through closer inspection where one would realise just how incredible this dining chair really is. Thau & Kallio had taken the traditional concept of Scandinavian Design and refined it to create the Yksi. Yksi, which means No. 1 in Finnish, boasts legs in the shape of an upside down Y. This gives the impression that the backrest is hovering far above the seat. The absence of material gives the dining chair a lightweight appearance. However, this does not mean it provides any less support compared to a more traditional dining chair. In summary, the Yksi is minimalism redefined.


The Yksi Dining Chair boasts a sleek design that pairs well with a large number of Scandinavian dining tables. One particular dining table by Fredericia pairs well with this dining chair – the Mesa Dining Table.



The quality of materials that have been used to create Fredericia’s designs is unrivalled. It enables the designer furniture company to engineer designs that are not only exquisite in design, but functional as well.


Safety & Warranty Information

A 5 year guarantee is offered for Fredericia’s collection of designs. This is, in part, due to the excellent quality of their designs. This warranty covers defects in the material and construction but not faults that are due to wear and tear and damages to surface finishes.


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The Yksi Dining Chair is, without doubt, a gorgeous piece of designer furniture. However, it may not pair well with your chosen dining table. Discover other equally beautiful designs in our Dining Room Collection!

W54.5cm x D49cm x H76cm

Frame:Oak & Black Oak
Seat Upholstery: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



The Yksi Dining Chair, released in 2018, is a design marvel that was brought to life by Thau & Kallio.