Outdoor Dining Chairs

Luxury Redefined - Scandinavian Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Bask under the Singapore sunshine with our luxury dining chairs – designed to be weather-proof, durable and so much more. Visit our furniture showroom today!


Modern Outdoor Dining Chairs

At Danish Design Co, the quality of our furniture is our topmost priority. This is especially true for our outdoor furniture since it is exposed to (sometimes frightening) weather elements from the moment it has been purchased. Our outdoor dining chairs have been designed to withstand conditions such as these.

Some of our designs are especially functional. One such example is the Alexa Dining Chair, which is foldable! This means it is easier to pack away on occasions where it is more of an annoyance than a help.


Outdoor Dining Chairs of Many Colours and Materials

One concern many Singapore furniture shoppers have when it comes to outdoor furniture is the lack of colour choices. While black and white outdoor dining chairs remain popular choices, we believe a retailer should also consider those who are looking for something a bit more special. At Danish Design Co, we offer outdoor furniture (and dining chairs) from a wide variety of colours, ensuring that you will most definitely find something that will compliment your outdoor patio or theme you have set up for your home.


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