Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Luxury Redefined - Scandinavian Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Bask under the Singapore sunshine with our luxury outdoor lounge chairs – designed to be weather-proof, durable and so much more! Visit our furniture showroom today!


FROM $840.00

Designed by Henrik Pedersen for Houe

modern Patio Chairs

Having trouble filling up any awkward spaces in your balcony? Why not put in an outdoor lounge chair? Also known as patio lounge chairs, these outdoor furniture sets (particularly those by Danish Design Co) are designed to provide homeowners with an outdoor lounging experience like no other! Just imagine taking out your kindle (or book) and reading under the darkened sky – isn’t it wonderful? Of course, you can choose to laze about in the day as well. If so, then we would like to commend you on taking on the hot Singapore sun!


If you are having trouble deciding on one particular outdoor lounge chair, then we would most definitely recommend the Cielo Outdoor Lounge Chair by Diphano. With its many soft cushions, it is not hard to see how it can offer a divine lounging experience.


Why Patio Lounge Chairs and not Sofas?

Space is a premium in Singapore and most homeowners live in high rise buildings. This means it would be challenging to fit in an outdoor sofa set on patios. However, that shouldn’t mean Singaporeans should miss out on the outdoor lounging experience! A good substitute are patio lounge chairs. They are typically small enough to fit into any patio. Although it can only fit one person at any one time, sometimes being in solitude can be a boon as well!


Need more design ideas? Check out the rest of Danish Design Co‘s designer furniture, which includes a stunning outdoor collection!


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