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Industrial Storage - String

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Industrial theme? Here are some industrial storage solutions to get you started!


An industrial home can be an extremely charming space and baring it all takes a lot of courage. Modern Industrial interior design purposefully exposes all that lies beneath to give a raw, edgy style. We have a selection of storage furniture to help you keep organised but should you need more help with furnishing your industrial home, check out this blog on how to design an industrial living room.


What is an Industrial Storage Furniture?

Industrial themed storage can help you display some of your personality or if you wish, hide and keep your less-displayable knick-knacks away from sight. Again, metal and wooden shelves or drawers will be your best bet to keep with the industrial interior design. Unlike your living and dining room furniture, having unique storage furniture can add a little extra something to your home. Instead of the traditional wooden bookshelves, metal framed shelves with more intricate details can give more personality and uniqueness to your industrial living space.


Recommended Industrial Storage Furniture

Our String System and Mategot Dedal metal shelf systems are metal framed and highly customisable to openly display your full collection of books or other personal possessions. For an extra pop of colour to brighten up your home, the Panton Wire by Montana also comes in a bright red shade very aptly named Moulin Rouge on top of the classic Black and Snow shades. These customisable units can be wall mounted or neatly stacked on the floor, providing a raw yet elegant look in the room.


Of course, a spacious storage space is just one part of what makes up a well organised house. Explore our Industrial Collection to view other furnitures with the same style.