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Luxe Bedroom - Duxiana

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Luxe theme? Here are some luxurious bedroom furniture to get you started!


What is a Luxe Bedroom?

Imagine coming home to a hotel room everyday – that is what it means to have a luxe bedroom! Although it might appear daunting, achieving the luxe look for the most important room in your home is not difficult at all. You don’t even need to completely redecorate! Here are some quick tips that might help you along.


First, use accent pillows. The more pillows you have stacked up, the more luxurious your bed will seem. Second, consider abstract or landscape artwork. By hanging a frame over your bed, it will immediately introduce colour and style onto what is likely a neutral palette. Three, re-look at what you have stored on your nightstands. It shouldn’t be overloaded, but it shouldn’t be empty either. Some good and practical items to keep are a clock and a dish to throw your jewelry, watches and keys in. Unsightly electronics can be kept in the drawer instead.


Recommended Designs For a Luxe Bedroom

We have plenty of models that would do very well in a luxe bedroom. First, we recommend the DUX beds. These beds have been specifically engineered to bring you deep sleep and rejuvenate your aching body. For nightstands, we recommend the AK2410 series by Naver Collection. Its pointy legs and steel base adds a bit of class to any bedroom.


For night lights, we would most definitely recommend the 3-arm Piper Pendant Lamp from our New Modern Collection. Its brass design instantly elevates the style factor of any bedroom. As for accessories, you might appreciate the FA 33 Mirror, which is a rare standalone mirror that is not often seen in the bedrooms of today.


They say that we spend on average one third of our lives in the bedroom. But that does not mean you should forget about the other rooms of your house! Explore our Luxe Collection to view other room furnitures with the same style.