Mid-Century Sofas

Our Collection of Mid-Century Sofas

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Mid-Century theme? Here are some authentic Mid Century Sofa Sets to get you started!


FROM $5,142.00

Designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Juul

FROM $7,832.00

Designed by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia

FROM $16,957.00

Designed by Finn Juhl for House of Finn Juhl

FROM $27,389.00

Designed by Finn Juhl for House of Finn Juhl

What is a Mid Century Modern Sofa?

There are a few notable elements of a sofa from the 1950s and 60s. For the shape and silhouette, it should be clean and simple. This means there shouldn’t be a ‘frumpy’ appearance. The designs should also be geometrical, meaning the sofas are made out of shapes that are symmetrical and appear the same no matter how you turn them. This includes triangles, squares and rectangles. Mid century modern sofas are made of materials that will give off a ‘vintage’ feel, such as wood, velvet and leather. For sofas in particular, the legs should be tappered, which means it has a rounded appearance.


Recommended Mid century Sofas

The first sofa we would like to recommend is the No.1 Sofa by Fredericia. This 1955 marvel has a hard exterior and a soft interior, which gives it is characteristic shape and design. The No.1 sofa is only available in fabric. Another quirky design is the Poet Sofa by House of Finn Juhl. This piece, while small in size, stands tall in the world of design. This sofa was introduced to the world in 1941 and is, amazingly, still relevant today. Unlike the No.1 sofa, the Poet Sofa is available in both fabric and leather.


These mid century wonders are from the Iconic Collection.


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