The Luxury Bed That Changes With You

luxury bed that changes with you

May 20, 2018

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What makes a great bed? Few people can answer that confidently and even fewer know the right answer to it. Those at DUXIANA, makers of the most legendary bed in the world stand by one philosophy: A luxury bed is only great if it meets YOUR needs. The question for high quality bed manufacturers is thus this:


How does one make a designer bed that adapts to the needs of the customer?


The team at DUXIANA already has the answer.


The Pascal System


This ingenious cassette system is hidden beneath the surface of our luxury beds. Patented by DUXIANA, it allows a valued patron to customise the bed to their specific comfort needs. This is how it works:


In a queen/king size bed, there will be six pockets, three on each side. Each pocket will cover a critical body zone – the shoulders, hip and legs. These pockets can then be filled with cassettes, which come in three density levels – firm, medium and soft. As these cassettes can be placed in any combination and order, it allows one to tailor the designer bed to their specific body type.


The flexibility of the Pascal System paves the way to a wealth of possibilities and accommodates to a long list of life changes. Here are just a few of them:





You and your partner are bound to have different comfort needs at night. In fact, we tend to recommend different cassette combinations for different genders. (Of course, it can still vary for the individual.) For women, it is soft-medium-firm and for men, it is medium-soft-firm. This is to provide just the right amount of support for the widest parts of each respective gender’s body.


Another perk about the luxury bed is this – When one partner sits on the bed, the bouncing effect does not travel from one side to the other, minimising the chances of you disturbing your partner and vice versa.





When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes a series of drastic changes in a short span of time. The Pascal system is one of the few (or only) luxury bed systems that can accommodate to these transformations over time. For more information, click on the following link here.

Back Pain



Aches and pains in the back is a health issue that plague all individuals at one or multiple points in their lives. This is especially prevalent for pregnant women and older individuals. While there are several possible solutions to back pain, many would not consider that their bed could be a potential cause. The DUXIANA bed, on the other hand, is designed to help alleviate back pain. To learn more about this, you may click on the following link here.


Rounding Off…
These luxury beds are lifelong investments. They change as you change. For more information on the DUXIANA bed models we offer, click here.