The Latest Luxury Sofa Models by Eilersen: Ash & Butterfly

Eilerson Ash & Butterfly Sofa - Danish Design Co Singapore

January 5, 2018

Since the company’s inception in 1895, an Eilersen sofa has always promised the following: Exquisite quality, unsurpassable comfort and long-lasting durability. It is little wonder that they turned out to be as successful as they did. However, despite its rock-solid international reputation, the genius craftsmen at Eilersen never once stopped innovating.


In recent months, they have created two new luxury sofa models, both of which adhere to the Eilersen philosophy while bringing something new to the table…or in this case, the living room.





Butterfly with a Bohemian Touch


The Butterfly Sofa is the result of strong Danish-Japanese partnership. With sharp minds and skilled hands, designer Yuzuru Nishiyama and Jens Juul Eilersen collaborated to bring this masterpiece of a sofa into reality. The goal was to create a sofa that can fit into both formal and informal settings. (Do you think they have succeeded? You tell me.) The Butterfly furniture collection consists of a two-seater sofa, three-seater sofa and an armchair – all of them exquisitely conceived and crafted. These Butterfly Sofas are also unique in the world of design as they offer a paradoxical, dual expression.


Look at the Butterfly Sofa from the back and you will think of it as minimalistic, slim and and formal-looking. However, take your perspective to its front and you will notice a soft appearance that is made possible by down-filled cushions and visible stitching. This combination gives the impression that the sofa is as light as air, just like its namesake.


Still, do not be deceived. Hidden beneath the cosy surface of the Butterfly Sofa is a solid, knotless pinewood frame. These strong materials (among others) are the reasons behind Eilersen’s reputation for comfort and durability. And like its many cousins, the Butterfly Sofa comes in various colours and textiles, ensuring that you will find the perfect sofa for your living room.





Ash, a Sofa with Dual Functionality


Inspired by the Great Lift, one of Eilersen’s classics, the Ash Sofa has taken the world of luxury design by storm. Much emphasis has been placed on the comfort of the sofa’s seat cushions, making it exceedingly comfortable for you and your loved ones. In addition, it can double up as a bed, which is perfect for when you have guests over.


To accentuate its slender silhouette, Eilersen has decided to launch this sofa in dark green leather exclusively. However, if the customer so wishes to, they can choose to dress their Ash Sofa in fabric or various other colours.

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