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August 7, 2018



The Modern Originals is Fredericia’s design philosophy, which is about engaging patrons with ageless concepts, ideas and designs. Founded in 1911, and situated in the eponymous picturesque Danish town, this Scandinavian furniture brand started small as a workshop, fabricating upholstery products for clients. In the 1950s, the firm experimented with modernism, a cultural trend led by in-house designer Borge Mogensen.


Convinced by the success of the process, Fredericia incorporated the worldview in its cultural DNA. Recent collaborations with respected designers including GamFratesi, Geckeler Michels, Jasper Morrison and Space Copenhagen demonstrate the power of the philosophy.


Today, Fredericia is synonymous with Danish modernism, and the luxury furniture company is an ambassador of Danish culture in the global markets. Evident in the designer furniture, The Modern Originals theme evokes the characteristics of impeccable quality and timelessness in the furniture world.


Scandinavian-Furniture-Design-Philosophy-The-Modern-Originals Scandinavian-Furniture-Design-Philosophy-The-Modern-Originals Scandinavian-Furniture-Design-Philosophy-The-Modern-Originals


Featuring from left to right: Spanish Chair, Piloti Coffee Table, Pon Table Series


Families who have passed down Fredericia furniture are a testimony to the value of the Scandinavian furniture. If you own a Fredericia furniture, you know how good it feels to rest your arms on the rests or sink into the leather sofas, and the design is so durable, your grandkids could also use the furniture.


With over a century of craftsmanship experience, Fredericia has one foot in the past and the other in the future as the firm continues to evolve The Modern Originals theme. Knowledge from the past contributes to wisdom, while the future is about creative expression and novel designs. Over the years, metal has replaced some wooden parts for aesthetics and sturdier designs, for instance, or young designers are leading the design revolution with new concepts.


Care and love are the main ingredients of Fredericia furniture, while design and materials help create valuable artefacts. Curves are a hallmark of innovation in furniture design. If you look closely at Fredericia tables and chairs, you’ll see how curves enhance aesthetics, while not diminishing the function. Material choice is another dimension of furniture design. A favorite among many, oak is an excellent choice, while other woods, metals or composites add shades to the character of each designer furniture.



Featuring: Swoon Lounge Chair


Timeless also means staying relevant. Fredericia designers have mastered this characteristic of The Modern Originals philosophy by weaving it all together. Because most trends are transient, not going out of style is about unwavering focus on design.


Please do come to our Showroom and check out some immutable classics featured in The Modern Originals story.


This post is a revisit of Cate St. Hills’ article on The Modern Originals here. All images are by Cate St. Hill.

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