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November 4, 2022

Extendable dining table designs are perfect for Singapore homeowners looking for intelligent space solutions. Your dining area can easily accommodate any occasion when the right dining furniture is chosen. Instead of having multiple tables for special occasions, perfectly designed dining tables can easily be extended for unexpected guests. These extendable dining tables use contemporary materials and are the epitome of brilliant artistry and design. At Danish Design Co, we curate dining tables that can accommodate your every need including our careful selection of extendable dining tables. The designer pieces enable countless conversions that would not compromise its divine quality.


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An engineering and design marvel, the 116 Extendable Eating Table by Skovby was made to be the focal point of your dining area. This elegant dining table has rounded sides and a geometrically-inspired center pedestal base. When guests are around, extending the table is now a breeze thanks to its revolutionary, synchronous extension technology. Simply separate the tabletop to uncover the extension leaf that is concealed in the base, then lift and unfold the extension leaf by lightly pressing it.


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The Less is More Extendable Dining Table, designed by Jacob Plejdrup, is a statement of style. When we say “less is more,” we mean it literally! A modern interior space gains a sophisticated yet light expression from the thin table top. It is also well recognized and referred to as the original thin board table. The dining table can be lengthened using steel extension leaves hidden within the structure of the table. It enhances the dining table’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, as good design ought to do.


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Extendable dining tables are not only limited to extending length wise. Take the 33 Round Extendable Dining Table by Skovby for example. It is a round table design that is a modern piece of furniture with a sleek style that fits nicely with any home’s interior décor. It has a stunning mechanism that would leave you mesmerized as you activate its extending mechanism. This innovative work of Scandinavian design can comfortably seat six to nine people. 


Applying light pressure to the center of the dining table will cause the extension leaves to unfold, allowing access to the extensions once the table’s center has been opened. Due to its simplicity, this multipurpose round table glows in every space and is ideal to style however you choose.


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The high quality craftsmanship used in the production of the luxurious designs from the Iconic and New Modern Collections ensures durability. These pieces resist generational design fads and will continue to be in style thanks to their outstanding beauty. Visit Danish Design’s furniture store in Singapore to see its wide selection in person.


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