Why Modular Storage is an Investment for Singapore Homes

String storage system with cupboard - Danish Design Co Singapore

September 12, 2020

For modern, sophisticated home interiors, the addition of modular storage systems allows for great flexibility. Modular pieces can be moved around easily if they’re not wall-mounted, enabling you to refresh your home’s interior as often as you wish.


For Singapore homes where space constraints mean we have to carefully plan our living spaces, a bit of creativity and selecting the right furniture are key in ensuring our homes look spacious and airy. If you’re particularly constrained for space, an ingenious, multifunctional combination of shelving and a foldable work / study desk would work wonders in saving valuable space in your home.


When made with high-quality materials, modular storage can last you years and even decades even after numerous re-assembly. A true, lasting investment for your home.


Design Your Storage Space Any Way You Desire

Another major perk of customisable and modular storage: It’s that much easier for additional units and elements to be built upon the original design when you find yourself needing more storage space. With no real downsides to fitting your home with the ingenious invention of modular storage, let’s have a look at a few stylish storage designs for inspiration.

Modular Storage System by Montana

With a huge variety of exciting colours and numerous modular units to choose from, we’d recommend a storage system from Montana for the adventurous and highly creative minds.


Almost any storage configuration you can dream of is possible with their customisable and modular elements. You can mix and match shelves, drawers and doors in various sizes and colours to create storage systems that line an entire wall or even a bookcase / shelving centrepiece in your living space.


Montana modular storage system in entire wall

Stunning full-wall Montana storage system in ruby-red and wine-red tones

Montana modular storage system in grey

Modular Montana storage in a minimalist interior


String System by String Furniture

The String System is a renowned brand for modular storage for great reason – their designs evoke a quiet sophistication with its simplicity.


It’s also an absolute delight to create your own storage design with String Furniture, as their 3D storage design configurator has an easy-to-use drag and drop feature. Try it for yourself and create your own storage design here.



String system modular storage with work desk

Customisable String System, fitted with a word desk

String system modular storage

Modular String System with shelves and work desk



S2 sideboard by Andersen Furniture

The functional and sleek S2 sideboard can double as a TV console as well as a cupboard / shelving system. The design’s modern simplicity would complement numerous types of home interiors.


Andersen s2 sideboard and cupboard in white

Modular S2 storage system by Andersen, mounted on a wall


Royal Shelving System by DK3

Did you know that the Danish furniture house DK3 designed the first wall-mounted storage system? An absolutely innovative, forward-thinking brand! This Royal Shelving System is made of solid wood such as oak, walnut, and elm; promising lasting durability.


DK3 modular shelf system in solid wood

Timeless design: Royal Shelving System by DK3 in solid wood


Stylish Storage Systems

We hope you’ve found the modular storage system examples above to be helpful. Now, it’s time for you to ignite your creativity in designing your ideal storage system that’s both stylish and multifunctional. If you need further inspiration, we have numerous modular storage systems in our showroom. Feel welcome to visit our showroom to have a look!

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