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Luxe Sofa - Eilersen

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Luxe theme? Here are some luxurious sofa sets to get you started!


What is a Luxe Sofa?

For luxe sofas, there is no standard. Essentially, any sofa that adds to the feel of luxury in the living room can be considered a luxe sofa. On some occasions, the sofa can have simple and clean lines, like the Dacapo from Eilersen. On other occasions, the sofa can boast sensuous curves, like the Grand Piano Sofa by Gubi. When choosing between the two, it ultimately depends on the overall look that you, the homeowner, intends to achieve for your living room.


Characteristics of Luxe Sofas

While the design is important, what we believe is even more important is what goes into our sofas. Luxe sofas, in particular, should offer a lounging experience that you can almost drown in. This means high quality fabrics, premium leather and a sofa frame that wouldn’t bend or break just after a few years of use. Last but most certainly not least, a luxe sofa should be filled with down feather instead of foam. This is very much the case for our Eilersen sofas, which are the most luxe sofas that we can offer.


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