Minimalist Lighting Furniture

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Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Minimalist theme? Here are some Minimalist Lighting Solutions to get you started!


Once you’ve decided on the key furniture pieces for your minimalist home, we offer you a wide selection of Scandinavian designer lamps that will accompany and illuminate your minimalist home to emphasize its warm and spacious interior. If you still require help shopping for minimalist sofas and living room furniture such as TV Consoles and side tables, we wrote some great guides you may refer to. We also offer you some great tips and recommendations in creating a minimalist dining room. For the full list, kindly refer to the filter above.


What makes a Minimalist Lighting and Lamp fixture?

Minimalist lighting furniture usually feature simple designs without overly extravagant attachments to highlight the simplicity of the minimalist theme. They typically have simple shapes, clean lines and commonly involve geometric architectural designs with dramatic angles. Pendant and Wall Lamps are great dining room features, whereas table lamps can certainly class up your home study or offices. A floor lamp is a great statement furniture for the bedroom. However, there are no steadfast rules with minimalist lighting and all Pendant Lamps, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and Wall mounted Lamps are suitable and great options for your home’s interior design. Keep it simple, classy and minimal and you’ll be fine.


Recommended Minimalist Lighting Furniture

For some minimalist lighting ideas, check out our Acorn Pendant Lamp and the iconic Grasshopper Floor lamp by Gubi. These two pieces appear simple but have rather intricate details and create beautiful silhouettes that were inspired from nature. These light pieces will instantly illuminate the room and infuse your home with natural beauty at the same time.


Setting the mood with the right light is important, but the furniture plays a part in the entire atmosphere too. Explore our Minimalist Collection to view other furnitures with similar styles to pair you light with.