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Mid Century Furniture Wishbone Dining Set

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Mid-Century theme? Here are some Mid Century Dining Room Furniture to get you started!


FROM $1,096.00

Designed by Marcel Gascoin for Gubi

FROM $5,970.00

Designed by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia

FROM $5,990.00

Designed by Marcel Gascoin for Gubi

FROM $7,764.00

Designed by Børge Mogensen for DK3

Can’t get enough of the mid century feel? Then why not furnish your dining room in the mid century style as well? On this page, you will find mid century modern designs that will help you achieve that very goal. If you would like living room furniture instead, please view our living room collection. We also have a dedicated page for our mid century sofas.


To shop the above selection by furniture type, please use the filter. We offer a wide range of furniture types, such as dining sets, sideboards and bar furniture.


What is a Mid Century Dining Room?

A mid century dining room should ultimately be graceful, uncomplicated and possess enduring appeal. The key elements include lots of wooden furniture, furniture with pointy pencil legs, earthy colours, nature inspired prints and geometrical designs. Imagine a dining room that looks as though as it could be featured in historical movies AND modern day hollywood movies. That would be mid century modern design!


Recommended Mid century Dining Room Furniture

Here are some essentials to start us off! For dining chairs, we would most definitely recommend the Soborg chair that was designed by world renowned designer, Borge Mogensen. He is one of the most famous furniture designers of his time. Another dining chair you might be interested in is the J39 Dining Chair by Borge Morgensen. Its seating is made out of stain-resistant paper cordel. As for Dining Tables, how about the Point Dining Table Collection by Naver Collection.


For the non-essentials, such as bar furniture, we would most definitely recommend the AK 2750 by Naver Collection. It is a stunning cabinet that can double as a table top, thanks to its flap door.


Of course, an inviting dining room is just one part of what makes up a well furnished interior. Explore our Mid Century Collection to view other room furnitures with the same style.