Mid-Century Living Room

Our Collection of Mid-Century Living Room Furniture

Mid Century Furniture House of Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Mid-Century theme? Here are some Mid Century Living Room Furniture to get you started!


In this section, you will find the living room furniture that has a mid century vibe. This includes TV consoles, coffee & side tables, lounge chairs and so much more. For the full list, please refer to the filter above. You may also view our mid century sofa collection.


What is a Mid Century Living Room?

We already know know a piece of Mid Century furniture should look like. But what about the overall look of a Mid Century Living Room? First, as the furniture pieces are frills-free and simple, the overall look of the living room will be uncluttered. As the furniture pieces are often made from natural materials, such as wood and leather, earthy colours like brown are a frequent sight.


That being said, homeowners shouldn’t limit themselves to these colours. For accessories, it is recommended to purchase those with a pop of colour to offer visual relief in the overall look of the living room.


Recommended Mid century Living Room Furniture

We have a long list of mid century themed furniture so it is little wonder our customers are not sure about where to start looking. If you can empathise, here is our list of recommendations! For TV Consoles, we recommend the AK 2720 by Naver Collection. This particular design boasts sleek tambour doors doors and tappered legs, which will go immeasurably well with any mid century sofa.


Of course, no mid century living room will be complete with a lounge chair. At Danish Design Co, we offer many iconic designs. Alongside the Chieftain Lounge Chair and Spanish Chair, we also retail more intriguing designs like the France Chair. These designs are by House of Finn Juhl and Fredericia, which are European brands that are steeped in history.


Certainly, an aesthetic living room is just one part of what makes up a beautiful house. Explore our Mid Century Collection to view other room furniture with the same style.