Timeless, Scandinavian Designs: 10 Furniture Classics by Legendary Designers

Corona chair in brown leather - Danish Design Co Singapore

February 5, 2021

Danish designers from the mid-20th century took the world by storm with their sleek, uncluttered and functional designs. Their minimalist design grew to be so influential that it became recognised as a design movement in itself: Danish Design. The purposeful creation where form meets function culminated in designs that have grown to be one of the most iconic furniture in the world – designs that are still very much coveted today.


What Characterises Danish and Scandinavian furniture?

Danish and Scandinavian furniture feature simple silhouettes, clean lines and an emphasis on natural materials. The ‘’form follows function’’ philosophy is religiously practiced by Scandinavian designers, architects and artists. At the point of design inception and creation, most consider the function of their creation and how it can improve its users’ life, and incorporated the striking contrast between natural shapes, abstract designs, and organic silhouettes.


Here we explore 10 timeless designs and their legendary designers.



The iconic Chieftain chair is one of Finn Juhl’s absolute masterpieces, representing the peak of his career as a furniture designer. At its introduction in 1949, the chair marked a renewal of the Danish furniture design tradition.


Finn Juhl Chieftain chair in red burgundy leather

Chieftain Chair


Finn Juhl - Danish Designer

Designer: Finn Juhl

Year of creation: 1949




The Egg chair sprang from a new technique which Arne Jacobsen was the first to use. Like a sculptor, Jacobsen first sculpted the Egg out of clay in his garage so he could perfect the shape. This resulted in a piece with a wholly unique shape that wrote history within Danish design.


Arne Jacobsen - Danish designer

Egg Chair


Arne Jacobsen - Danish designer

Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Year of creation: 1958



The Spanish lounge chair by Børge Mogensen remains a modern marvel that embodies his core beliefs of functionality. The story of the Spanish chair began during Mogensen’s trip to Spain, where he was inspired by a traditional type of chair commonly found in areas with Islamic influence. He merged this idea with his sense of tranquility and the need for modest appearance, and the rest was history.


Spanish chair by Borge Mogensen

Spanish Chair


Borge Mogensen - Danish designer


Designer: Børge Mogensen

Year of creation: 1958



Hans Wegner’s fascination with Picasso inspired him to design the Ox chair in 1960. This stunning design is Wegner’s boldest and most sculptural piece of work, and demonstrates his innovative approach to design.



Ox Chair



Hans Wegner - Danish designer


Designer: Hans Wegner

Year of creation: 1960



Created in 1964 by Poul M. Volther, the Corona Chair’s combination of organic expression and technical streamlining resulted in an instant hit, and has starred in numerous movies and music videos.


Corona chair by Poul Volther

Corona Chair


Poul Volther - Danish designer


Designer: Poul M. Volther

Year of creation: 1965



Introduced in 1947 and one of Greta Grossman’s most celebrated pieces, the Gräshoppa lamp’s distinctive shape highlights her whimsical design language. The unique tripod stand of the Gräshoppa floor lamp is tilted backward and gives the impression that the lamp is somehow alive and stalking its prey, and the elongated conical shade rotates to direct light where needed.


Gräshoppa lamp in pink

Gräshoppa Lamp


Greta Grossman - Designer


Designer: Greta Grossman

Year of creation: 1947



Often said to be the first lighting architect, Poul Henningsen devoted much of his life to exploring the importance of light for well-being. The PH5 pendant lamp is Henningsen’s most iconic design and provides 100% glare-free light with its award-winning multi-shade system.


PH5 Pendant lamp by Poul Henningsen

PH5 Pendant Lamp


Poul Henningsen - Danish designer


Designer: Poul Henningsen

Year of creation: 1958



Designed by Verner Panton in 1971, the Panton Wire storage modules are elegant, light, yet industrial in its design. Its flexible, industrial design enables it to be hung on the wall, used as room dividers, or hung on walls.


Panton wire in gold by Montana

Panton Wire



Verner Panton - Danish designer


Designer: Verner Panton

Year of creation: 1971



Known for his innovative shelving furniture and architectural designs, Poul Cadovius created the world’s first wall-mounted shelving system in 1948: The Royal Shelving System, a breakthrough design offering countless possibilities.


Royal shelving system - DK3

Royal Shelving System



Poul Cadovius - Danish designer


Designer: Paul Cadovius

Year of creation: 1948




Debuting in 1949, the String System storage system has since received a total of 15 international awards, and its timeless design remains relevant today.


String System by Nils Strinning

String System


Nils Strinning - Danish designer


Designer: Nils Strinning

Year of creation: 1949


All the above iconic furniture are displayed in our Danish Design Co showroom in Singapore (with the exception of the PH5 lamp). Every single piece is authentic and made with expert craftsmanship in Scandinavia. Explore our expansive iconic collection in our showroom today.

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