Beautiful Contemporary Furniture From Denmark’s Top Designer House dk3

dk3 plank sofa in black

August 26, 2018

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For one of the finest designer houses, True Aesthetics is dk3’s vision—blending craftsmanship with design for creating novel furniture that enhances the décor. With a star-studded designer team, the Scandinavian furniture house has created a marvelous furniture world. Let’s look at some contemporary furniture by dk3’s legendary designers.


Cadovius Butterfly Shelf



Poul Cadovius designed the wooden shelf, which also brightens the décor; as if a butterfly is sitting on the wall. If you’re an avid reader, the tray can accommodate books, tablets and reading materials, showcase your creations if you love arts and crafts, hold your kid’s toys, and so much more. If you’re adventurous, the Cadovius Butterfly Shelf is an excellent addition to the colorful environment.


Grand Sideboard



Designed by Jacob Plejdrup, the Grand Sideboard is not only spacious but also intelligent. Check out how the innovative storage solution is spot-on for so many different things—artifacts, jazz collection, magazines, and family records, among others. Choose from bold to classy color schemes to match the interiors.


Lowlight Table



Another Jacob Plejdrup creation, the Lowlight Table has a chic sloping frame and solid wooden top. To match the stylish frame, the edges are curvy, and the top features soap, oil or white oil finish. In your workshop, use it as a work table, which could double up as a dining table. With the extension leaves, extend the table on either side when family or friends show up for dinner.


Royal System



A folklore furniture piece, the Royal System by Poul Cadovius is the first wall-hung furniture system. Incredibly fashionable, the Royal System sits like adornment on the wall and provides smart trays for an incredible collection of things. We challenge you to try it! For modern interiors, the shelving system is configurable for the assortment you want to store on the shelf. Because there are so many possibilities, we’ll take your order only when you’re delighted with the design.

Plank Sofa



As if for their own seating arrangement, Anders Berg, Frode Myhr, Petter Knudsen and Steinar Hindenes put together the Plank Sofa, which has become a phenomenon. Depending on the backdrop, choose from fabric or leather upholstery for the oak, walnut or fir plank. For limited space, deploy it as a two-seater, while not diminishing the panache.


What do you think? Aren’t dk3 contemporary furniture simply fabulous? We’re happy to bring these iconic Scandinavian furniture to you. So, please do come and visit us.