Coffee & Side Tables

Luxury Redefined - Scandinavian Coffee & Side Tables

Coffee & Side Tables

Elevate your living room to the next level with Danish Design Co’s authentic and exquisitely designed coffee & side tables. Visit our showroom in Singapore!


FROM $495.00

Designed by Kaschkasch for Bolia

FROM $558.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $686.00

Designed by Granstudio for Bolia

FROM $1,118.00

Designed by Mathieu Matégot for Gubi

FROM $1,270.00

Designed by Buro Famos for Bolia

FROM $1,418.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $1,545.00

Designed by Studio Gud for Bolia

FROM $1,570.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $1,615.00

Designed by Barba Corsini for Gubi

FROM $1,809.00

Designed by Hiromichi Konno for DK3

FROM $1,866.00

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

FROM $2,019.00

Designed by Christian Troels for DK3

FROM $2,217.00

Designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Juul

FROM $2,235.00

Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

FROM $2,398.00

Designed by Jacob Plejdrup for DK3

FROM $2,724.00

Designed by Gubi Design Team for Gubi

FROM $2,847.00

Designed by Jacques Adnet for Gubi

FROM $3,245.00

Designed by Metrica for Bolia

Coffee & Side Tables

Coffee and side tables are a central element in any living space. They are versatile furnishings, clever knick-knack organisers and all-time sofa companions. At Danish Design Co Singapore, we carry a wide selection of timeless and modern coffee table designs and a variety of other exquisite designer furniture for your various needs.


Quality of Our Coffee & Side Tables

Similar to the rest of our designer furniture collection, the chic coffee and side tables we carry are sculpted by highly-skilled craftsmen from Europe. Each masterpiece perfectly embodies the lush Scandinavian charm that we all love. Go for a simple table top to rest your Cappuccino or invest in more ingenious designs that intelligently integrates resourceful storage spaces into their build. Adorn your home setting with our coffee tables and side table designs at Danish Design Co Singapore today!

How big should my coffee table or side table be?

When a coffee table is too big or too small, the visual balance of the room will be off as the furniture pieces are out of proportion. Here’s a rough guide on how wide and tall your coffee table should be: The height of your coffee table should be as tall as your sofa’s seating height or a few centimetres lower. The width of the coffee table should be two-thirds of the width of your sofa.

Best Selling Coffee & Side Tables

From the New Modern Collection, we have the Como Coffee Table, which is elegant in its simplicity.  For customers who are looking for something circular (and functional!), we have the Bowl Coffee Table, which has a hidden compartment beneath its table top.


From The Iconic Collection, we have the TS Coffee Table. Our marble variant is the most popular. And, since no two marble slabs are alike, each piece is unique on its own. Another popular choice is the Insula Coffee Table, which boasts an irregular but oddly charming table top shape.


Of course, there is more to furniture shopping than coffee tables. Discover how else you can furnish your living space with our living room collection!


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