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November 4, 2022

Furniture that are skillfully made and well-designed have a stunning appearance from all sides and will last you for generations. Danish Design Co. meticulously curates divine furniture for homeowners with an exquisite taste for designer furniture. Each piece is hand crafted from comprehensive design planning to ensure your uncompromised comfort with absolute aesthetic value. Featuring remarkable groundbreaking collections that will elevate your Singapore home.


For local homeowners with a keen eye for style, Danish Design Co. offers an extensive range of genuine Scandinavian furniture that includes more than 30 Scandinavian brands. There is undoubtedly a design to suit your taste and lifestyle.


The Scandinavian furniture store, first opened in Singapore in 2006, is more than 12,000 square feet in size and carries the iconic and new modern furniture styles. These collections offer a wide selection of furniture to furnish your home, including sofa sets, dining sets, bedroom and outdoor furniture.






The essential work by luminaries in the field of design like Finn Juhl, Hans J Wegner, Poul Cadovius, Jens Juul Eilersen, Greta Grossman, and Birger Dahl will undoubtedly astound you. Immerse yourself in their innovative and brilliant creations that would heighten your home experience greatly.


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Featuring Iconic Designs by Design Legends


Hans J Wegner has created a lot of chairs during the course of his career. The Ox and Queen Lounge Chair for Erik Jørgensen and J16 The People’s Rocking Chair for Fredericia are the two most well-known pieces. Internationally acclaimed as modern Scandinavian furniture classics, his chair designs are well known.


Californian Modernism’s mid-Century aesthetic was significantly shaped by Greta Grossman, who was heavily influenced by European Modernism. The Grasshopper floor lamp and the Cobra floor and table lights would be the most recognizable furniture items she designed for Gubi.


Danish architect, interior designer, and industrial designer Finn Juhl is well acclaimed for his furniture creations and is a prominent figure in shaping Danish Design in the 1940s. The Chieftain Chair, Poet Sofa and France Lounge Chair are among the most prominent pieces designed by him. During the 1950s and 1960s, famous designer Børge Mogensen produced a number of well-known works. Making simple but practical furniture has been his life’s work. He notably enjoyed working with wood in its different forms and treatments.


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House of Finn Juhl is where Finn Juhl’s designs are celebrated and revived. Finn Juhl began from fresh, without mentors or inherited limitations, like other modernist pioneers. He created the Chieftain Lounge Chair by measuring his own body and determining how each component should support the user’s weight. Finn Juhl sought for a more organic and natural form, in contrast to his modernist colleagues with their streamlined, scaffolding-like constructions.


Similar to natural constructions, the material’s full strength potential was utilized. Finn Juhl placed high demands on the joiners who would be creating the design as he converted his concepts into bold, flexible joinery where each component of the design flowed into one another.


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Furniture That Lasts A Lifetime


Authentic furniture pieces are made for you to enjoy with ease. They are hand crafted to the highest standards and demanding requirements intended by the manufacturer and designer. These stunning furniture pieces assure optimum comfort and are not easily compromised through wear and tear. They are a worthwhile investment that could be passed down to generations. Your loved ones can continue to appreciate these contemporary masterpieces for many years to come.


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Visit Our Scandinavian Showroom


The high quality craftsmanship used in the production of the luxurious designs from the Iconic and New Modern Collections ensures durability. These pieces resist generational design fads and will continue to be in style thanks to their outstanding beauty. Visit Danish Design’s furniture store, located at 100E Pasir Panjang Road, B&D Building, #06-03 Singapore 118521, to see our wide selection in person.

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