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Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Luxe theme? Here are some luxurious lighting solutions to get you started!


Designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura

FROM $1,057

Designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura

FROM $1,202

Designed by 365° north for Bolia

FROM $1,264

Designed by 365° north for Bolia

FROM $1,471

Designed by Paavo Tynell for Gubi

FROM $1,576

Designed by Robert Dudley Best for Gubi

Designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura

Designed by Sofie Refer for Nuura

Luxe Lighting Solutions

After furnishing your luxe rooms from corner to corner, you might want to start thinking about the type of lighting you would like to introduce into these rooms. Although lights are often an afterthought in interior design, it is actually quite an important factor to consider as it can dramatically affect how a room appears. By placing the right lights in choice positions, it can highlight the best sides of your furniture. The opposite is also true! Here are some of the best luxe lighting solutions Danish Design Co can offer!


Recommended Lighting Solutions

Crystal chandeliers are a common sight in luxe room settings. Unfortunately, we do not retail such chandeliers. However, we have plenty of brass designs that will look just as luxe (or possibly even more so) as crystal chandeliers. Some must-haves include the Multi-Lite Pendant by Gubi, which has movable shades that allow you to choose where the light should be directed towards. This is also the best seller in our Iconic Collection. From the New Modern Collection, we have the brass Piper Pendant Lamp from Bolia and the EOS Pendant by Umage. The latter is made out of goosefeathers that have been harvested using ethnical methods. The EOS, despite its unusual use of materials, is Umage’s best-selling and most well known design.


And of course, a marvelous lighting is just one part of what makes up a magnificent room. Explore our Luxe Collection to view other luxury furnitures with the same style to pair with your lamp.