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Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Mid-Century theme? Here are some Mid Century Storage Solutions to get you started!

Have you got the essentials (e.g. sofas, living room furniture, dining room furniture) for your mid century themed home? Great! Now it is time to consider the elements that go around them. Storage falls into this category. Although it is not used daily like the others, the right storage furniture helps the homeowner by demarcating the spaces in your home. These spaces then define where certain things should go. It also helps to hide away any unsightly items, especially when guests find their way into your home.


On this page, you will find several storage furniture that exude the mid century vibe. This includes (but is not limited to) Mid Century Nightstands, Dressers and TV Consoles. For recommendations for each of these, please refer to the section below!


Recommended Mid century Modern Storage Furniture

For Nightstands, we would recommend the AK 2410 by Naver Collection. It has rounded and pointy legs, which is a common feature among mid century furniture. This particular design looks especially stunning in walnut, and even better when paired with a DUXIANA bed. For Dressers, the design that trumps them all is the Grossman 62 series by Gubi, which is as iconic as a storage piece can get. For TV Consoles, we have the AK 1350 by Naver Collection. With its tambour doors and steel legs, it is sure to fit well in your mid century themed living room.


Of course, storage spaces make up only a small portion of the household. Explore our Mid Century Collection to view other room furnitures with the same style.