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A collection of Minimalist Dining Room Furniture

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Minimalist theme? Here are some Minimalist Dining Room Furniture to get you started!


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Designed by Thomas Pedersen for Houe

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Designed by Says Who for Bolia

Designed by GamFratesi for Gubi

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Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

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Designed by Kaschkasch for Bolia

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Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

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Designed by Marcel Gascoin for Gubi

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Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

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Designed by Cecilie Manz for Fredericia

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Designed by Ramos Bassols for Bolia

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Designed by Børge Mogensen for DK3

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Designed by Søren Juul for DK3

Minimalism at best finds a long-term way to live a life of declutter and the first way is to clear any unnecessary items one might keep in their home. Furnishing your dining room can be a piece of work when you have so many choices but only need to find the one perfect dining set for yourself and your family. Fear not, for we have some tips and recommendations that will make you minimalist home journey a breeze. Once you are done deciding on the furnitures for your dining room, head over to our living room collection. We also wrote a guide to choosing the right minimalist sofa.


Should you prefer to shop by furniture type, please use the filter selection option. We have a wide range of furniture types for a minimalist-inspired dining room that includes but are not limiting to dining sets, sideboards and bar furniture”>.


What makes up a Minimalist Dining Room?

A Minimalist Dining Room is marked by a functional and practical dining space with only the most essential pieces. There is a huge range of styles that a minimalist could go for – monochromatic themes that play with textures but keep to neutral whites, blacks and greys to laid-back luxury styles that feature classic and designer pieces that are timeless and retains its grace and design elements overtime. The only rule here is keeping to few and important pieces that are top-quality, time-tested and absolutely essential. Statement pieces in vibrant colours might help to spruce up the look and bring in some character to your minimalist home, but just remember to keep it classic and simple.


Recommended Minimalist Living Room Furniture

DK3’s Less is More Dining Table is exactly as its name suggests and serves as a great dining table for family dinners and bonding time. Coupled with the award winning TAC Dining chair by Andersen Furniture or the Bird Dining Chair, one can never go wrong. These pieces are a minimalist’s dream with simple and sleek designs. They’re all also highly customizable in different colours and finishes to go with your chosen palette.


Of course, a minimalistic dining room is just one part of what makes up an elegant house. Explore our Minimalist Collection to view other room furniture with similar styles.