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Minimalist Sofa - Erik Jorgensen

Thinking of furnishing your Singapore home in the Minimalist theme? Here are some Minimalist Sofa Sets to get you started!


What is a Minimalist Modern Sofa?

There is a range of sofas that can fit perfectly into a minimalist home but the one defining attribute is that all minimalist furniture are classic, timeless and lasting through our typical wear and tear use. Stay away from trendy or overly bold statement pieces and stick to earthly or nature-inspired muted tones. You can play around with various textures, fabrics, and finishes that have unique architectural design or immaculate detailing to keep your interior design interesting but still clean and sleek. For sofas, less is more. A high-quality, considered and classically designed sofa speaks volumes in a spacious minimalist living room.


Recommended Minimalist Sofas

Nordic-inspired designs from famous and recognised Scandinavian brands coupled with cultivated years of craftsmanship produce the best luxury designer sofas that are a sure choice for a minimalist home. The Delphi Sofa designed by Hanne Wettstein in 2007 for Erik Joergensen and the Scandinavia Sofa by Glismand & Rüdiger for Bolia present two extremely suitable options that showcase immaculate design with beautiful detailing and stitching. On top of that, all these sofas are customisable and modular with various options of sizes, colours, materials and finishes. Our sectional sofas come in size options of 2 Seater, 3 Seater, 4 Seater or more, L-shaped options. These sofas are quintessential furniture pieces that will suit any minimalist living room.


A minimalistic sofa goes well with a minimalistic room. Explore our Minimalist Collection to view other room furnitures with the same style to pair your sofa with.