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Dining Chairs

Imbue your dining room with style with our exclusive dining room furniture! Visit our showroom in Singapore to experience the quality of our dining chairs!


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Designed by Komplot Design for Gubi

Designed by Oeo Studio for Gubi

Stylish Dining Chairs

Designed by the greatest minds in the Scandinavian furniture industry, the dining chairs we retail boast exceptional design coupled with exquisite comfort. As you explore our selection, you will realise that these dining chairs are often in line with the ethos of Scandinavian design, which places an emphasis on clean lines and functionality. While our dining furniture is made from a wide variety of materials, it is clear that our wooden chairs are the most sought after. Given the gorgeous silhouettes and classic, timeless designs these wooden chairs offer, it is immeasurably easy to see why.


Crafting Materials of our Dining Chairs

A good number of our dining chairs are inspired by nature and this means we use earthy materials such as wood. Wooden dining chairs pair well with a large number of our dining tables, which are made from wood and a variety of other materials.If you’re seeking something a bit more luxe or contemporary, we also offer dining chairs with legs made from brass and other metals. For a number of our dining chair models, we offer upholstery. These dining chairs can be dressed in either fabric, leather or both.


Best Selling Dining Chairs

If you find exploring our immense selection tedious, here are some recommendations! A rising icon in the modern design world, the series is a must-have for homeowners who appreciate a minimalistic form of luxury. For those who prefer something curvaceous and timeless in design, we have the Trinidad– a famous dining chair conceived by Nanna Ditzel.

In many homes, the dining chairs and table are often statement pieces and one of the first few things guests set their eyes upon. Hence, selecting the right dining chair (and table) is of true import.


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