Iconic Storage Furniture

Authentic Storage Furniture with Exceptional Quality

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Our Iconic Collection is for Singapore shoppers who look for exceptional quality in their furniture. Here, we offer exquisite storage solutions!


FROM $250.00

Designed by Nils Strinning for String

FROM $741.00

Designed by Jakob Wagner for Montana

FROM $1,607.00

Designed by Shin Azumi for Fredericia

FROM $1,668.00

Designed by Rudi Wulff for Northern

FROM $2,096.00

Designed by Peter J. Lassen for Montana

FROM $2,974.00

Designed by Peter J. Lassen for Montana

FROM $3,093.00

Designed by Skovby Design Team for Skovby

FROM $4,199.00

Designed by Peter J. Lassen for Montana

FROM $4,541.00

Designed by Färg & Blanche for Northern

FROM $5,016.00

Designed by Skovby Design Team for Skovby

FROM $5,132.00

Designed by Greta M. Grossman for Gubi

FROM $5,574.00

Designed by ByKATO for Andersen Furniture

FROM $8,400.00

Designed by Jacob Plejdrup for DK3

Iconic Storage Furniture

Everyone needs a furniture to store their items. With that, we offer a wide range of storage furniture. Any type, for anyone. Browse through our collection of Dressers, Shelves, Bookcases, Sideboards, Nightstands and TV Consoles with the filter above.


Iconic Dressers

Dressers have been around for ages, and if chosen well, can add a touch of splendour to just about any room. As such, we carry a wide selection of dressers for you to find the perfect one for your dream room. Some of our favourites include the 62 Dresser by Gubi, as well as the Seaside Dresser.


Iconic Shelves

They say the key to an organised life is by starting with an organised room. Here we have an array of designer shelves, shelving systems and wall shelf to ensure that there is a place for every single item in your room, whether you want it to be on display or just tucked away quietly. Our shelves come in a variety of materials such as wood and metal. We strongly recommend the Montana Free and the AK Cabinets by Naver Collection.


Iconic Sideboards

There is nothing quite as versatile as a sideboard, and we highly recommend that every household have at least one. Whether you are looking to evoke a mid-century or a modern style. Or perhaps you’d like a furniture that acts as a perch for your vignette of vases and exquisite artworks while being able to maximise storage space. We have sideboards that cater to different tastes such as the Floow Sideboard and the #88 Sideboard.


Iconic TV Consoles

We understand that TV consoles tend to be a much more personal furniture as compared to the others. Danish Design Co carries a variety of TV Consoles suited for different heights and styles so that you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. For a modern take, we have the #87 TV Console. If you are looking for one that provides a twist on the classic look and does not stand against the wall, the AK 1350 Console might be a good choice.


Iconic Nightstands

An essential piece in the bedroom, yet often overlooked. We spend about one third of our lives in our bedroom, so it makes sense to create a functional environment around our rest area. A nightstand not only serves as a small storage, but also completes the whole look of a bedroom. We have a wide range of nightstands and bedside tables that goes well with different themes so that you do not have to search high and low to complete your dream bedroom.


Pair your storage furnitures with other pieces from our Iconic Collection to give your house that complete classic look.